Submitted by David Szpunar - Blog: Lakeview Information Technology

This free, easy to install tool provides immediate visual, animated feedback on many areas of remote physical system health, with excellent drill-down details as well. The graphics are easy to understand, with a lot of information just on a server's overview page. It also provides optional Event Log monitoring and alerts with specific filters. The holistic graphical overview of one system's present physical state is unmatched by any other free tool I've encountered.

NOTE: I wrote a review of this on my blog here.

Spotlight on Windows

  1. Ronin 16 years ago

    Any users of EventSentry tried Spotlight, or vice versa? Currently using EventSentry on a few W2k/W2k3 servers, and have found it to be very helpful (even the free version).

  2. Twin One 15 years ago

    Does anyone know how to configure this product or have any documentation?

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