Speedtest-net Speedtest.net is a website that allows you to test your Internet connection bandwidth to different locations. This can be useful if you work for an international organization and plan to use the public Internet to connect different branches. You can also use this free service to check if your ISP really delivers the promised bandwidth and to find out about the average bandwidth of different regions. Of course

Speedtest.net is very easy to use. You just have to click one of the pyramids. Your web browser will first measure the download speed, and then the upload speed. Most of the pyramids are in the US and Europe, but there are measure points on every continent. You can choose a region in the small window beside the gauge or just drag the big map to region that interests you.

Speedtest-net-resultsThe MY RESULTS tab at the top of the page links to a table that shows all of the connections that you have tested. MY SUMMARY gives you information about your ISP and average connection speeds.

The GLOBAL STATS has interesting statistical data about different ISPs, continents, countries, regions, and cities. You have to select the continent that interests you first. This will make the countries of this continent visible. Note that this data is not related to your own Internet connection.

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Speedtest-net-top10-countries According to Speedtest.net, Japan has the fastest Internet connections, and South Korea is second. Lithuania is third, which surprised me a little. The other top ten countries are all from Europe, and Russia is in 10th place. Perhaps even more interesting is that the country that invented the Internet is not in the top ten anymore. I think Mr. Obama has some work to do.


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