This guide explains how you can share WiFi in Windows 8.1 and turn your Windows computer into a WiFi hotspot.
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Sharing WiFi in previous Windows versions was quite complicated. In Windows 8.1, Microsoft added a new feature that allows you to share WiFi through a mobile broadband Internet connection. For some reason, this doesn’t work for Internet connections other than mobile modems, such as LAN connections or tethered mobile phones.

The procedure described below works for integrated mobile Internet modems and USB modems.

  1. Press WIN-key + C to open the Charms menu, and then click the Settings charm.
    Charms menu
  2. In the Settings menu, click Change PC Settings.
    Change PC Settings
  3. In the PC Settings menu, click Network.
    Network in PC Settings menu
  4. In the Network menu, you should see the mobile broadband modem. A single click opens the settings for the mobile broadband.
    Mobile broadband
  5. In the mobile broadband settings, simply click Share this connection. Note that if your modem is disconnected from the Internet, Windows will establish the connection.
    Share this connection
  6. Once your mobile device is connected to the Internet, you should see the network name and the network password of your shared WiFi connection. The network name should appear in the list of WiFi networks on the device through which you want connect to the Internet. Don’t confuse it with the access point name. You can change the network name and the network password by clicking Edit.
    Internet connection shared

As mentioned above, you can only share mobile networks with this method. If you click a LAN connection, the “Share this connection” will be missing. The same applies to a mobile Internet connection that you tethered through your phone. Windows 8.1 treats tethered connections like LAN connections. However, a mobile modem connected through a USB port works fine.

Share this connection is missing on tethered connection

“Share this connection” is missing on tethered connection

You can still share Internet through WiFi with any type of Internet connection, by way of the old method, using Internet Connection Sharing (ICS). Note that this method is much more complicated and prone to error than the method described in this post.

  1. prakash 9 years ago

    though i connect my laptop through modem but there is still 3 options wifi,ethernet & vpn.what should i do, pls help.

  2. sythback 8 years ago

    in my case does not allows me to do this and shows that :we can’t set up internet connection sharing

  3. christin 7 years ago

    sir but wen i click my mobile broadband {stc-bah} its redirecting to start but once wen i tried ths it worked not its not idk wht to do pls help


    • christin 7 years ago



  4. uyere michael 3 years ago

    i followed the procedure given but on getting to the last step (that is network 83) is no where to be found in my system, please what should i do?

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