There are so many screen shot utilities out there. They usually fall into two categories: they don't support highlighting and annotations or they are not free. If you sometimes create screenshots for colleagues to demonstrate how to use a certain tool, it is quite useful if you can add comments or draw their attention to a certain area in the image.

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Screenshot CaptorOf course, you can use a free screenshot tool and then add your text with free graphics software. Or you could just download Screenshot Captor while it is still free. This easy-to-use tool supports all essential features a screen shot tool needs. All capture modes (desktop, active window, region etc.) have their own hot key, you can edit old images, and it supports all important graphics formats. Screenshot Captor also offers some special features such as a thumbnail maker or multi-monitor support. There are many more features which might justify a donation to the author.

  1. wboy 14 years ago

    If you want to create mini tuts for you colleagues, take a look at Wink, especially its input driven capturing (vs timed interval):

    Just brilliant...


  2. You might as well check out my review of wink. 😉


  3. wboy 14 years ago

    Goes to April 2006 archives... 😉 I only found this blog this year sorry! 🙂


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