Part 3 of a four-part series about SCCM Windows deployment troubleshooting, deals with networking issues, XML and media errors

Network errors ^

The most common error I have seen occurs before the task-sequence (TS) even starts. Fundamentally they are down to networking. You normally have a clue something is wrong before this error appears, as when SCCM it says "Retreiving policy..." and the old XP torch animation is taking too long, it's failed.

0x80072EE7 - Failed to run Task Sequence

0x80072EE7 - Failed to run Task Sequence

Failed to run Task Sequence (unknown host). Error: 0x80072EE7 ^

CAUSE: The machine cannot talk to the SCCM server because of a network issue of some kind.

FIX: Plug in the Ethernet cable (it happens), check the subnet settings or add the correct Windows network drivers to your WinPE boot image.

Note: WinPE needs Windows 7 or Windows 8 network drivers even if you are deploying Windows XP.

The system cannot find the file specified. Error: 0x80070002 ^

Symptom: Unknown host (gethostbyname failed) repeatedly appears in the log file.

CAUSE: SCCM can't find any source path to a file because there's no network driver loaded/installed in the WinPE boot image.

FIX: If "restart computer (reboot to WinPE)" hangs, it's also because there's no network driver. It's waiting for WinPE to download but it can't so just sits there.

The specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacted. Error: 0x8007054B ^

CAUSE: Failed to join the domain

FIX: Check the user account or the domain or that you installed network drivers *cough*.

Failed to run command line Error: 0x8007010B ^

CAUSE: A file/dir is bad or missing. (The directory name is invalid.)

FIX: Rebuild your build media as a write error or crash has resulted in not all packages being correct.

XML errors ^

Occasionally SCCM will report errors in the XML files.

Error: 0x800700002 ^

CAUSE: SCCM can't read the file in sms\data\policy.xml

FIX: Rebuild the build media or copy policy.xml from known good media (USB/DVD) or set in tsbootstrap.ini's mediatype=Bootmedia if you only want to boot and build from LAN.

Error: Prompts for #1 media then errors 0x800700002 ^

CAUSE: You’ve created split media and the wrong volume label is in <boot:>VOLUMEID.XML

FIX: Copy the right one to the root of the media and retry

For instance:

- <TaskSequence PackageID="X0100XYZ">
<Name>Your TS name here</Name>
<Description>Testing New Boot Image - Deploys a Core reference image.</Description>
- <SMS>

Media issues ^

Error: 0x80070007 = The storage control blocks were destroyed. ^

CAUSE: Your USB media is too small and SCCM is trying to span to more!!

FIX: Get a bigger USB pen-drive or write to a dual-layer DVD instead.

Error: 0x80070017 ^

Symptom: Building from DVD fails - Clue: the DVD spins and spins for ages, the light blinking urgently until eventually you get a Task Sequence error.

CAUSE: Error 80070017 is a CRC failure, meaning the DVD/USB source media is corrupt. This happens when the Task Sequence tries to copy the content for package XYZ from the DVD. So, either the package XYZ is corrupt or there's a problem with the DVD itself (bad ISO or bad physical media). Try recreating the full media ISO then re-burn the DVD.

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FIX: Burn another DVD or use a USB (or build from the network instead).

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