Mobile device support in Configuration Manager 2007 is not as robust as it is with Configuration Manager 2012, but there are customers who depend on this in their 2007 sites.

The toughest aspect of managing mobile devices is that they’re mobile. This presents logistical challenges as it pertains to scheduled maintenance, deploying software applications and updates, and maintaining current inventory data.


  1. Devices are not communicating with a Management Point
  2. Devices are not able to resolve the name for the CRL (if used)
  3. Devices are unusually slower to connect to the MP or processing of policy updates
  4. Devices indicate having expired Site certificates when they shouldn't

Potential causes

  1. Device has an unsupported mobile OS or OS version
  2. Expired or corrupted PKI certificates
  3. Missing hotfixes on the Site Servers which deploy the client
  4. Device is unable to resolve FQDN for CRL server

Configuration Manager 2007 R3 only supports mobile devices running on Windows Mobile, Windows Mobile for Pocket PC, or Windows CE, and only specific client OS versions. Some hotfixes may also be required prior to client installation, in some cases on the Site Server.

Windows CE 4.2 only supports a Mixed-Mode client installation, and only on ARM processor devices. Windows CE 5.x and 6.x are supported on ARM and x86 processors.

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  1. Verify mobile device hardware models and confirm OS compatibility specs
  2. Verify that needed hotfixes are installed on Site Servers, as well as mobile devices
  3. Verify Internet connectivity from affected mobile devices.
  4. Verify connectivity back to your Internet-facing Site Servers and CRL server (if applicable).
  5. Verify certificates are configured, provisioned and installed properly.

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