This is probably the most common type of problem for any Configuration Manager Site admin to wrestle with. For some reason, clients just stop running Advertisements for Application and Update installations. This is not about Advertisements which report “Succeeded” (yet don’t install), or “Failed”. This is really about those which show “No Status”, “Accepted” or “Waiting”, yet never seem to get moving.

Symptoms ^

  1. Users report that expected Software applications are not being installed.
  2. Reports show Advertisements in a “Waiting” state, seemingly indefinite.
  3. Distribution Points seem to be taking too long to replicate or update content

Potential Causes ^

  1. Package or Deployment content has not been copied to the required Distribution Point (DP) servers. This is often associated with having only a single DP server, or in protected DP server environments where there is no “fallback” unprotected DP accessible to the client.
  2. A previous Advertisement completed and requires the computer to be rebooted before it will run the next Advertisement.
  3. Another Advertisement is stuck in a “Running” state, causing other Advertisements to report “Waiting” on another Advertisement.
  4. Advertisement was set to “Run only when a user is logged on”, but no users have logged on to the affected computers since it was assigned, or users have logged on during a time period outside of an assigned Maintenance Window schedule.
  5. Client roamed into a different Site in the hierarchy but hasn't obtained the correct DP server yet.
  6. Client roamed into a different Site in the hierarchy after receiving the Advertisement policy assignment in the originating Site, but the current Site does not have the package content available on the Site's DP server
  7. The Advertisement was received by the client too close to the beginning of a closing Maintenance Window schedule, or was received outside of an applied Maintenance Window.
  8. Double-Bonus! Client IP subnet was reconfigured by someone such that it no longer resides in a Site Boundary within Configuration Manager.


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