RunAsLimitedUser is a nifty RunAs tool that is so easy to use even for lazy admins. You probably know that Windows comes with a built-in RunAs feature. So-called security experts usually recommend that as a sysop you should only start applications with Administrator privileges when it's necessary. The most secure way is to work with a normal user account, and start admin tools which need more rights, with an Administrator account. Well, I don't know any sys admin who really works this way. It is just too time consuming to logon every time you need more privileges. RunAsLimitedUser works the other way around.

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RunAsLimitedUserYou logon with an Administrator account and start applications which don't need admin privileges from its icon's context menu. This just costs you an extra mouse click. Most tools a sysop starts every day, simply need admin rights. However, the few apps you use which also work with user rights are those with the biggest security threat; most prominently your favorite web browser or your e-mail program.

RunAsLimitedUser creates an user account with a random password during installation. The password is stored in the registry and encrypted with DAPI. This account does not belong in any user group, especially not in the admin group.

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You can also use this tool for testing user's applications. For example if you configure a master PC you usually will install applications using an administrator account. But your users probably have limited rights. With RunAsLimitedUser you can check if a newly installed program will also work in a user's environment.


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