The folder context menu in File Explorer sports a menu item for opening a command prompt. However, for PowerShell, you have to add the entry yourself. The free PowerShell Prompt tool makes the task easy.

PowerShell allows you to start Explorer from a directory, but it lacks a comparable feature for the other direction. If you right-click a folder while pressing CTRL + SHIFT, Explorer only shows a link for the command prompt.

Open command window here in File Explorer

“Open command window here” in File Explorer

Adding a PowerShell command to Explorer

Considering that cmd.exe is losing significance, it would have been appropriate if Microsoft replaced the old shell with the new one in Windows 10.

The free PowerShell Prompt tool from Scott Hanselman closes this gap. The tool consists only of an .inf file that adds the required registry keys to extend the File Explorer context menu. Note that you don’t have to press CTRL + SHIFT to make the PowerShell link appear in the context menu; simply right-clicking the folder is enough.

PowerShell Prompt Here in the File Explorer context menu

“PowerShell Prompt Here” in the File Explorer context menu

Adapting the .inf file

Before you run the command Install from the .inf file’s context menu, you might want to check two things. First, the section [PowerShellHere.Reg] contains the path to powershell.exe. You have to adjust this path if the program file is not located in the default folder

Second, by default, the command PowerShell Prompt Here will be added to the context menu. If you prefer other text, you can change the value of PowerShellHereAccel in the section [Strings].

You can remove the context menu entry in Explorer through Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features. PowerShell Prompt Here can be downloaded from the author’s website.

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  1. Sergey 8 years ago

    FYI, it is enough to hold only SHIFT while right-clicking to open command prompt.

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