Submitted by Soeren P

Enables/disables remote desktop on remote computers. Works like a charm.

I think I read about it here some time ago.

Remotely Enable Remote Desktop

  1. Joe 16 years ago

    This is also possible to do with WMI. Here’s a PowerShell example:

    $computer = gwmi win32_terminalservicesetting -computer “mycomputer”

    1 will turn it on, 0 will turn it off.

  2. Christopher Owens 15 years ago

    I used to do this with PSEXEC back before I learned the joys of Group Policy (surprised I found the note so easily):
    psexec \\machinename reg add “hklm\system\currentcontrolset\control\terminal server” /f /v fDenyTSConnections /t REG_DWORD /d 0

  3. Ronin Vladiamhe 15 years ago

    Is there an app that would allow network admins to boot a computer, that has been turned off, over a LAN. I know there is a change that has to be done in the computer’s BIOS, but the app would still be necessary to take ‘advantage’ of the BIOS change.

  4. Ronin, what you need is software that supports Wake on LAN. Many desktop management solutions support it, but there are also specialized WOL tools. The Wikipedia has more.

  5. Ronin Vladiamhe 15 years ago

    Is not WOL geared more toward those computer that are sleep, rather than off?

  6. Jon 15 years ago

    Ronin, no if the PC is WOL-ready it can be shut down but as long as it is connected to the A/C outlet the NIC will still be powered up and “listening”. You can verify this by shutting down the PC and checking the activity lamps on the NIC.

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