If you only edit the registry, every now and then, you probably will get along with the Windows registry editor. However, the more you work in a Windows environment the more you will realize the need to change the registry for many important settings. This is especially true, if you use Group Polices to configure multiple PCs in your network. RegCOPA is a Registry editor, which has some useful features, if you have to access the registry often.

The feature I like most is its search function. The Windows registry editor only allows you to jump from one search result to another. RegCOPA presents all results in a list. This way you get a good overview of all search results and makes finding the relevant keys much faster.

Heavy registry users will especially like the possibility to add comments to registry keys. RegCOPA stores these comments within the registry. So, you can search for them too. I didn't find this feature immediately as I expected since it's not in the context menu. You have to modify a registry key first in order to see the comment field.

RegCOPA RegCOPA also allows you to take snapshots of the registry, i.e. a complete copy of the registry. Later, you can compare this snapshot with the current state of the registry. This is useful if you want to know what changes an application effected to the registry. If you install programs in your network using a software deployment solution this feature might be quite helpful. Unfortunately, one can't revert changes to the snapshot using RegCOPA.

You will like the desktop shortcut feature if you edit some keys repeatedly. Just drag and drop a key to the desktop to create a short cut. With a double click, you can access and edit the key.

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RegCOPA supports bookmarks and has a simple startup manager. The tool costs $24,95, a 30-day trial version can be downloaded here.


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