In the last article in this series, I gave a short introduction into GFI Backup. Today, I will talk about the features that make GFI Backup a perfect desktop and laptop data backup solution for businesses.

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Last time I mentioned that new backup clients are added automatically to the GFI Backup Administrator Console. In some environments the backup admin might prefer to authorize new backup clients. For this you can disable auto-approve in GFI Backup's settings.

Automatic data backup job configuration ^

However, automatically adding new backup clients has its advantages in environments with many desktops. GFI Backup is a specialized solution for this situation because it can also configure the backup jobs automatically for new clients.

GFI Backup Job Configuration

GFI Backup allows you to configure backup jobs for a domain or workgroup. Whenever a new client joins, the corresponding job configuration is automatically applied to its agent. Thus if you have to add new server, desktop or laptop you only have to deploy the agent and you are done.

This also limits the number of necessary backup job definitions, which is essential for desktop and laptop data backup. Important to note is that the corresponding backup jobs run independently. This way, the job won't fail just because some clients are not online at the scheduled start time.

Data Backup task monitoring ^

When a backup job starts, the corresponding definition blinks; when the job runs through for all available clients, the blinking stops. Unfinished jobs can be monitored in GFI Backup's command queue. Once a client comes online the job definition starts blinking again in the Administrator Console. The Agents tab gives you an overview of the clients that are online and offline and when they were last active.

GFI Backup Command Queue

Desktop and laptop data backup scheduling ^

In addition, GFI Backup has schedule types that address the problem of unavailable desktops or laptops. Aside from schedules that allow you to run the backup at specific times, you can start jobs when clients boot up or when they shut down. Moreover, it is possible to reschedule missed data backups and wake up computers from standby/hibernate before running the backup. Once the backup job is finished GFI Backup can shut down the computer.

GFI Backup Business Edition Scheduling

GFI Backup has quite a few interesting features to solve the problem of unavailable clients, which is quite common for desktop and laptop data backup. In my next post, I will discuss some additional interesting features that help reduce the work of admins—that is, the GFI Backup features that enable end users to configure backup and restore jobs without bothering you.

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Disclaimer: Any warranty issues regarding the netbook have to be addressed with the netbook vendor. Neither I nor GFI can offer any support for the netbook.

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