GFI is raffling an Asus netbook worth 328 USD and a license of the brand new GFI Backup Business Edition, —a server and desktop backup solution for small- and mid-sized organizations— for 500 workstations and 50 servers worth 7,100 EUR.

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The netbook runs Windows 7 and its battery lasts a whopping 11 hours (1 more than with the iPad). It is the ideal gadget to restore user backups with GFI Backup directly from the beach or wherever you plan to spend your summer holidays. 😉 You'll find more information about the contest at the end of the article.

GFI Backup Business Edition

GFI Backup Business Edition allows you to back up servers and desktops with one solution. However, the main strength of this backup tool is that end users can independently restore backups and even create their own backup jobs. Administrators can centrally monitor everything and only have to intervene if problems arise. So chances are that you only need your netbook to watch some Flash videos (which you can't do with the iPad) when you get bored by all this sand and water.

In this post, I will give you an overview of GFI Backup Business Edition. In the next article in this series, I will show you how admins can configure backup jobs.

The agent ^

Essentially, GFI Backup Business Edition is a central management tool for the free edition of GFI Backup Home, which I reviewed a while back. In this review I will use the term "GFI Backup" to mean the business edition. The agent, which has to be installed on all desktop computers and servers, functions similarly to GFI Backup Home with some additional features that I will discuss in this review.

GFI_Backup Business Edition Agent

One of these features is the support of Microsoft SQL Server backups. The agent will automatically detect if an SQL Server is installed on the client. You can install the agent manually, through Group Policy, or with your software deployment solution. In my test I installed the agent manually on a Windows 7 machine that was a member in the Windows Server 2008 R2 domain. However, GFI Backup also works fine in a Workgroup environment.

The Administrator Console ^

It is interesting to note that the agent automatically found the GFI Backup server. Shortly after I installed the agent on the Windows 7 machine it appeared in the Administrator Console on the server. If you intend to test the software please make sure that ports 5580 and 5543 are open on both the server and the client.

GFI Backup Business Edition Administrator Console

The Administrator Console has a web interface, which has the advantage that you can manage backups and restores easily from the aforementioned beach. Thanks to Ajax the user interface of the Administrator Console feels almost like a Windows application.

Because GFI Backup is very easy to administer, I didn't require a manual. Everything in the Administrator Console is self-explanatory and the wizards always ensure that you don't forget an important setting.

In my next post, I will discuss those of feature of GFI Backup that are most useful for desktop and laptop backup.

To participate in the competition for a chance to win a copy of an Asus netbook worth 328 USD and a license of GFI Backup Business Edition for 500 workstations and 50 servers worth 7,100 EUR, send an email to:


with the subject line:

GFI Backup.

You can also use this contact form.

The deadline of this contest is July 16, 2010.

Disclaimer: Any warranty issues regarding the netbook have to be addressed with the netbook vendor. Neither GFI nor I can offer any support for the netbook.

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