Pure Text 2.0 is the tool, I've been waiting for. I often copy and paste text from the web to different kind of applications. Usually, I only want to copy the content, but not its formatting, pictures, etc.. OLE (ActiveX) is a great thing, but sometimes, it can be quite annoying. Some applications have a "paste special " function for this purpose. However, it is often too complicated. In Word, for example, you have to click several times to paste a text without formatting.

Pure Text

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With Pure Text, a free simple standalone tool, it is much easier. It allows you to configure a key combination that pastes the unformatted text from the clipboard into your application. Alternatively, you can click on its symbol in the Taskbar to strip off all the formatting from the text in the clipboard. Then, you paste the unformatted text the usual way in your word processor.

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  1. Good web practices 14 years ago

    A fantastic tool - exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!

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