The final of Network Monitor 3.0 has beend available at Microsoft Connect for sometime, already. I reviewed the beta version sometime ago. I liked it enough to install it today on my PC.

It is interesting to note that I had to reboot my Vista machine, although, Network Monitor's setup program didn't request for it. I was able to start Network Monitor before the reboot, but it marked all my network adapters with "not configured to capture…". This didn't happen on a Windows XP/2003 machine. There, it worked without any reboot.

Network Monitor 3,0There is not much too add to my former review. I just want to give you a tip if you are working for the first time with Network Monitor 3. If you want to use multiple filter commands you have to add "and" at the end of each command line.

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By the way, if you feel like Network Monitor being too complicated to use, you should definitely have a look at SmartSniff. It is easier to use and it works as a standalone application. I tried it a few days on Vista and it works there, too.

  1. Cheo 15 years ago

    How do I configure an network adapter? One of my adapters is “not configured to capture…

  2. Michael Pietroforte 15 years ago

    You probably just have to reboot.

  3. Cheo 15 years ago

    it is a PCMCIA card. A reboot did not fix the problem. Perhaps in a next version a menu with a right click, bound command will do the job. I mean, NM3 detects the card it is just not bound.

    Is there a DOS command I can execute, or a INI file to modify?

  4. Payday Advance 14 years ago

    Your information about – Public download of Microsoft Network Monitor 3.0 certainly is marvelous information for me to be thankful for. Thanks for such outstanding illumination!

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