Cayo Suspend is the secure way to temporarily or permanently suspend AD Users or Groups.

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Your Active Directory may be one check-box away from a total disaster - if you rely solely on the Disable check-box to deactivate user objects. A simple help desk call by a terminated employee or an attacker can easily lead to the account being re-enabled and misused. Employees on extended leave or who have been terminated are all targets of this kind of attack. The good news is that this type of compromise is easy to avoid, if best practices are followed when you deactivate user & group objects.

Some administrators don’t follow best practices because they seem time consuming and difficult to reverse later. Like Pause and Play buttons on your iPOD, Cayo Suspend™ automates these best practices with Suspend & Undo-Suspend commands added directly into the Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC) console. Now best practices are easily to follow and reversed when needed.

Cayo Suspend

Cayo Suspend™ - Temporary or Permanent User & Group Suspension

Key Features

Temporary User Suspension can be used when employees go on extended leave (e.g. military, medical or maternity leave) and their accounts must be deactivated temporarily. Once the employee returns to work, a simple right-click Undo-Suspend and the account is ready.

Permanent User Suspension (a.k.a. Deprovison) can be used when employees are terminated or retire and access must be revoked quickly and accurately. Auditors, Compliance Officers & IT Security normally require accounts be retained for a period between 60 and 90 days before being deleted. The Object Retention Period ensures the object is available if needed for investigative or auditing purposes. If you don’t want to have to remember to clean-up suspended objects, Cayo Policy Manager™ can do it for you. Policy Manager has automation rules that enforce Object Retention Period and delete objects past their retention period.

Cayo Policy Manager

Cayo Policy Manager™ - IT Business Rules for AD & Cloud

Group Suspension prevents the group from being used for security or distribution list operations. This is especially useful since AD doesn’t disable groups. Group Suspension is perfect for pausing a group’s usage while you determine the resources to which the group grants access.

Reporting details tasks performed during suspension and outputs Auditor friendly reports with simply by right-clicking a suspended object. Reports can then be printed or saved for historical purposes.

Download & Setup takes about two minutes for a Windows computer (XP SP3 or later) that has both ADUC and .NET4 Framework. At the end of the built-in trial period, you can purchase an on-going license or switch into a somewhat simpler freeware mode.

Both Cayo Suspend & Cayo Policy Manager Modules are sold as part of Cayo | Administrator. For more information visit


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