In this post, I will take you through some of the PowerShell books that I feel are useful for Windows system administrators.

Windows PowerShell in Action ^

Windows PowerShell in Action

This book is for anyone who wants to learn PowerShell from scratch and understand why PowerShell works the way it does. It covers topics starting from the basics to writing PowerShell modules. The good thing about this book is that the author is one of the founding members of the PowerShell team at Microsoft, and he explains the basics and secrets of PowerShell very well. I personally recommend this book for all system administrators and developers who want to learn and understand PowerShell inside out.

You can get a copy of Windows PowerShell in Action here.

Secrets of PowerShell Remoting (FREE ebook) ^

Secrets of PowerShell Remoting (FREE ebook)

Remoting is one of the best features of PowerShell. Using this feature, we can remotely manage any other computer in a network with PowerShell installed. Many of the latest Microsoft technologies rely on remoting for administrative communications across the network. For example, the Exchange Server 2010 shell uses remoting to perform many administrative tasks. Given its wide usage in most of the Microsoft technologies, every Windows system administrator should be familiar with it. This free book helps you reach that point and even beyond.

You can get a copy of Secrets of PowerShell Remoting here.

PowerShell in Practice ^

PowerShell in Practice

Both of the books mentioned previously are for learning the PowerShell language. PowerShell in Practice will not teach you the PowerShell language, but, when you are ready, this book will come in handy for learning how to administer servers in the real world with your PowerShell knowledge. This book gives lots of examples of how to use PowerShell to manage large Windows environments.

You can get a copy of PowerShell in Practice here.

PowerShell and WMI ^

PowerShell and WMI

PowerShell and WMI is an example-driven guide for Windows administrators who manage the networks of Windows servers and desktops. The examples and ready-to-use scripts given in this book will simplify your day-to-day server/desktop management tasks using WMI. One can use this as a quick reference guide for Windows management tasks. You may also want to refer to the “WMI Query Language via PowerShell” FREE ebook if you want to dive deeply into using PowerShell with WMI.

You can get a copy of PowerShell and WMI here.

The above is not a complete list of PowerShell books. There is a wide range of books that cover basics to secrets. The books I listed are for Windows OS administration. Since PowerShell is not just for managing Windows but is the heart of many other Microsoft technologies, you will find books related to specific topics. For example, there are books for managing Exchange, SharePoint, SQL Server, etc.

You can visit for some more books related to PowerShell. You may also check out my blog article for a list of FREE PowerShell ebooks.

Do you know of any other books for Windows system administrators? Please feel free to share the details in the comments section.


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