PowerGUI_logo PowerGUI is a free tool that allows you to create PowerShell scripts with a graphical user interface (GUI). It also comes with a nice PowerShell script editor that supports debugging. Version 1 has been available for some days already.

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The main idea behind PowerGUI is to create PowerShell code by selecting objects, and performing actions on them. For instance, you can select Active Directory objects or Exchange objects manually or by using filters. Then you tell PowerGUI that you want to move these objects to a new location and it will create the corresponding PowerShell script which you can enhance with your own code.

PowerGUI This can be helpful for PowerShell beginners. However, you should have some basic knowledge of PowerShell or at least some experiences in object oriented programming. The real power of PowerGUI is that it helps you find the objects and their attributes easily. If you ever wrote a program to manipulate objects in a Microsoft application, then you know what I am talking about.

PowerGUI_Script_Editor PowerGUIs script editor is great, too. It support syntax highlighting, autocomplete and offers bracket matching functionality. Most importantly, it comes with a nice debugger. I, personally, don’t like to write a script or program longer than five lines without a debugger at hand. The latest version supports pipeline debugging and breakpoints.

To get a quick overview of PowerGUI, I highly recommend watching this short online presentation.

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  1. Ashok 16 years ago

    Very useful article Actually I was looking for
    an IDE for powershell and one more IDE I found
    on the internet is Powershell plus which has both commercial and free version http://www.powershell.com/plus/

  2. Aaron 16 years ago

    What I would call scripting for the mortal man.

  3. Leonardo 16 years ago

    Sweet… I’m too lazy to learn Powershell, since I haven’t come up for a use for it, yet.
    With this, I can experiment. Thanks for the heads-up!

  4. Ashok, to my knowledge there is only one version of Powershell plus, but private use is for free.

    Aaron, I wouldn’t go that far. It is only for mortal men who still have quite some time to live. You know, it really takes time to learn PowerShell. 😉

    Leonardo, that’s the problem with PowerShell. You have to invest a lot of time without knowing in advance if it really pays off.

  5. Umesh 13 years ago

    I have used that tool couple of times. It is very useful indeed, I am waiting for the next version of it.

    Can you suggest any other similar tool, which can be used by novice users ( no knowledge of scripting).


  6. Akash 10 years ago

    Both PowerGUI and the PowerShell ISE are cool. Though they don’t emulate PowerShell completely like FireCMD – http://www.brainasoft.com/firecmd/powershell-gui.html.

  7. Joe Janota 5 years ago

    How in the HELL one can download this?

  8. zaheer khan 8 months ago









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