In this post, I summarize the results of three months in our member and author competitions. I also say a few words about how you can post news for SysAdmins and DevOps on 4sysops.
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Just in case you are new to 4sysops or aren't aware of our member competition, please read my blog post where I explain how you can contribute to the 4sysops community. And check out our member point system if you want take part in the competition. If you are an IT pro and want to become a 4sysops member, you can apply here.

The winner of the monthly competition receives $100, the runner up $50, and third place gets $25.

Posting ops news

One fast and easy way of contributing is to post links to ops news. All you have to do is click the link symbol on the site-wide activity page, paste the URL, choose a thumbnail, and add your comment in the text box. Posting a new link earns you 5 points in our member competition.

Instead of boring your Facebook friends to death with IT topics, you can post this kind of "status update" on 4sysops. This gives you the chance to reach a large number of people who actually understand what you are talking about.

If you have your own blog, you can post links to your latest posts here. Please don't abuse this feature to promote your company's products.

Posting ops news

Posting ops news

Your posts will appear on the 4sysops homepage, on our IT news page, and in the sidebar of all 4sysops article pages (several thousand). I will select the best posts I feel are of interest to a large number of IT pros and post those updates on the 4sysops social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Google+).

Please only post links to articles relevant for SysAdmins and DevOps. Whenever you are in doubt about whether you've discovered ops news, ask yourself if the message could also be of interest to end users. If you can answer the question with "yes," it most likely is NOT ops news, and you've just found general computer news that doesn't really fit specifically with 4sysops. Of course, there are exceptions and the boundaries are often fluid. You can post end user news that might have a major impact on the work of IT departments.

Results of the member competitions

Alright, below are the winners of the member competitions from March to May. If you haven't claimed your prize yet, please send me a private message after signing in.

March 2017
#1 Karim Buzdar, Points: 228
#2 Paolo Maffezzoli, Points: 203
#3 Preetam Zare, Points: 174

April 2017
#1 Paolo Maffezzoli, Points: 562
#2 Karim Buzdar, Points: 496
#3 norayellc, Points: 168

May 2017
#1 Paolo Maffezzoli, Points: 616
#2 Karim Buzdar, Points: 522
#3 Milos Mitic, Points: 126

Results of the author competition

Separately from our member competition, we also have an author competition on 4sysops. Note that authors can also take part in the member competition. However, the two point systems are totally independent; that is, author points don't count in the member competition and vice versa. You can check your 4sysops profile if you want to know how many points you've received for each competition.

Author points derive solely from the overall long-term impact of the articles published in a certain month. Authors can accumulate points from all articles published in the corresponding month. Thus, authors who publish more often have a better chance to win the competition. However, an author can often win the competition with a single good post.

Here are the results of the author competition from March to May:

March 2017

#1 Jörgen Nilsson, Points: 1,513

#2 Timothy Warner, Points: 987

#3 Stéphane van Gulick, Points: 583

April 2017

#1 Adam Bertram, Points: 2,435

#2 Vladan Seget, Points: 1,355

#3 Paul Schnackenburg, Points: 1,051

May 2017

#1 Vladan Seget, Points: 3,145

#2 Alex Pazik, Points: 1,675

#3 Timothy Warner, Points: 826

If you are interested in becoming a 4sysops author, please read this post.


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