You couldn’t have missed the news: Windows 10 is out. You probably also know that the upgrade from Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 will be free during the first year. I wonder whether this option influences your inclination to upgrade earlier than usual.
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Upgrade to Windows 10 for free

For some reason, when it comes to the question of when—and if—to upgrade to a new Windows version, emotions boil over among some IT pros. Thus, I don’t want to say much about the topic as this point. However, I am curious to learn whether the option to upgrade for free within one year makes a difference for you. Feel free to share your thoughts in a comment below.

By “upgrade to Windows 10” I mean that your organization will upgrade the majority of PCs to Windows 10. Often, some proportion of an organization’s computers can’t be upgraded because of a compatibility issue. Hence, if you already know that you will have a few stragglers in your network after a year, but still plan to upgrade most PCs, you should select the “within one year” option.

When will your organization upgrade to Windows 10?

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    Rick Sos 8 years ago

    I changed my mind after checking out the installation defaults. That’s a sneaky way to be an information sponge. Thirteen computers have Linux installed now because I don’t think they need to know or be able to share my info. It’s also nice not to have to babysit the damn OS all the time.
    Our area has slow Internet so it’s time consuming. After saying all that I may try it on one machine to see if I’m missing out on anything. My guess is Win 10 should be a nice OS but I don’t want my OS spying on me.

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    Rick, it certainly makes sense to test a new OS before you deploy it in your network. However, what doesn’t work is to skim through the feature lists and then test for a few days to make your decision. You should plan with at least 6 months if you use the OS on a daily basis. I also recommend working every day a couple of hours with your old OS, so you get a feeling for the difference.

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    daven 8 years ago

    Most of our windows 8.1 user base [about 100 devices including tablets, laptops and dekstops] is an older crowd [say, 50 or 55+]. I had a little bit of a time getting them used to windows 8.1 [hell, getting my boss used to windows 8.1 has been a chore] and I don’t think more than a few of them would get anything out of windows 10. And I don’t really get much out of upgrading them to windows 10 since we use pro, not enterprise, so upgrading everyone would just be some needless work for me.

    Still, we will likely test it. My boss wants to consider upgrading next year. I think upgrading surface users would sort-of make sense–but most of them just use the surface as a very light laptop more than anything else. It might be nice to upgrade a windows 8 pc to windows 10 when someone retires, so that their [hopefully younger] replacement will be up to speed.

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    david, I also belong to the older crowd and I am getting a lot out of Windows 10. So if your users are different than they most likely lack the right training or attitude.

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    AqdhdZwty 8 years ago

    @Rick, you can disable most of the “online features” like ad-ids and data collection. And I read in the Windows Update section that only priority updates will download on a metered connection(mine is, 15GB @ 4 Mbps and a reduced speed of 512 Kbps after) so just enable that. Also stopped the Windows Update service so it doesn’t run automatically. And now I’m loving my new OS!

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    jim 8 years ago

    After first service Pack comes out……

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    jim, I recommend subscribing to 4sysops. If you were a subscriber, you would know that there won’t be a service pack for Windows 10. 😉

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