This article discusses the results of the 4sysops IPv6 poll where readers could share the plans of their organizations regarding IPv6.
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More than 400 4sysops readers took part in this IPv6 poll. It is no surprise that the majority of organizations (73%) have no plans to deploy IPv6 any time soon. However, it is a surprise that 10% are already working with IPv6. Another 8% plan to deploy IPv6 in 2011, and 9% plan to deploy in 2012.

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It is possible that some readers misunderstood the question and thought "deployed" just means that IPv6 is running on their Windows machines, which is the default configuration in Vista and Windows 7. However, I wouldn't consider this as "deployed." I'd say the minimum requirement for running IPv6 means that you explicitly assigned IPv6 addresses either through a router, through DHCPv6, or manually.

The other question is how many of those 12% use IPv6 only within their intranet or to connect to the Internet to access other IPv6 sites. I guess the latter number would be significantly lower.

Nevertheless, it is obvious that IPv6 still only plays a negligible role a few weeks before the World IPv6 Day. On June 8, 2011, Google, Facebook, Yahoo!, and other big Internet players will offer their content over IPv6 for 24 hours. It will be interesting to see whether this PR event will be able to push IPv6. I think if those organizations were really committed to IPv6, they wouldn't just run a 24-hour test; rather, they would start supporting IPv6 for good or at least commit to a specific launch date.

However, the fact that such large organizations are willing to work together on this historic change on the Internet shows that IPv6 won't come gradually. As I already argued in my former post, IPv6 will more or less come overnight, just like IPv4 or probably even faster. If just one of the big players offers a killer service that requires IPv6, then this will trigger an avalanche and—within a very short time—all competitors will have to follow.

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Let's just hope that your IT department won't be buried by this avalanche because no one has the slightest idea about IPv6. My little IPv6 tutorial only scratched the surface of this new Internet protocol, which is certainly much more complex than IPv4. Thus, I can only recommend that you start learning IPv6 as soon as possible.

  1. Bill 12 years ago

    I would be more interested in a poll to determine how much of the IPv4 address space is sitting idle, wasted by companies and organizations sitting on IPs not being used that they “had to to have”. I think you would find that a lot of companies don’t see this as an urgent task because it is not affecting them directly with plenty of cushion just sitting unused.

  2. Bill, what would you do with this information? Besides, even if all organizations returned unused IPv4 networks, it would only be a matter of a few more years until we face the same problem.

  3. Bill 12 years ago

    You missed my point, I was merely pointing a likely reason why “It is no surprise that the majority of organizations (73%) have no plans to deploy IPv6 any time soon.” I have no illusions that it would change anything, I just think the IPv4 space is horribly wasted and that exacerbates the “only be a matter of a few more years until we face the same problem.” Carry on.

  4. Agreed. Wasting resources is typical for us humans and also to grab as much as possible so nobody else can.

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