In this poll, I would like to know if your organization runs production systems in Amazon’s cloud, Microsoft’s public cloud, or any other public cloud.
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I am afraid we neglected cloud computing a little on 4sysops. We are mostly focused on Microsoft technology, and our articles reflect the fact that most of Microsoft’s enterprise software still runs on-premises. Even though Microsoft has added quite a few private cloud features lately, I somehow think that, in the day-to-day work of an average admin, cloud technology only plays a minor role—if at all.

Of course, Microsoft is also an important player in the public cloud. Office 365 and Windows Azure are popular services, and the number of organizations that move at least part of their IT to Microsoft’s public cloud is growing constantly.

However, the public cloud is clearly dominated by Amazon. I published a few articles about Amazon Web Services (AWS) when I moved 4sysops to EC2 more than four years ago, but I felt that there was only mediocre interest at that time among Windows admins, perhaps because Amazon focused mostly on Linux. Amazon’s cloud has been growing at a remarkable pace ever since and has continuously improved its support for Windows.

Thus, I wonder how many 4sysops readers are already working with AWS, Microsoft’s public cloud, or any other public cloud provider. Please notice that this poll is not about your personal experiences with the public cloud. If you played with public cloud technology but your organization doesn’t have any production systems in the public cloud, you should vote “We don’t work with the public cloud.”

On the other hand, if you never worked with a public cloud provider but your organization does, you should select the corresponding cloud provider(s) in the poll.

This poll is also not about private cloud computing. Many vendors have slapped the term “private cloud” on their products, and the results of such a poll would therefore not be very telling. Apart from that, I find a poll about the public cloud more interesting because public cloud computing is a far more disruptive technology than private cloud computing is. If you are unsure what counts as cloud computing, please read my article about the definition first.

If you don’t know the difference between public and private cloud, please have a look at my discussion of the topic. Make sure that your vote is based on these definitions even if you disagree with my view. I believe the results of the poll are more useful if we stick to a particular definition.

If your organization works with a different public cloud provider, you might wonder why, in this poll, I only offered Amazon’s and Microsoft’s public cloud as separate options. The reason is that Amazon is the biggest cloud provider; because this blog is mostly about Microsoft technology, our readers are probably interested in knowing how popular Microsoft’s public cloud offers are. Hence, if your organization has production systems in any other public cloud, please vote accordingly.

Since it is theoretically possible that an organization works with different public cloud providers, you can select multiple answers in this poll.

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Does your organization run production systems in the public cloud?

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Please also let me know in a comment below what cloud providers your organization uses and if you only have on-premises IT, it would be interesting to know what prevented you from moving to the cloud.

  1. babun 9 years ago

    At least where I come from, o365 is very rapidly getting more common and a lot of installations already exist. I think when it comes to mail quite few are running their own systems anymore.

  2. babun, yes Office 365 is growing very fast although I think Exchange 365 is probably a better name. I guess only few use the web apps and Sharepoint in the cloud.

  3. Marty 9 years ago

    “Does our ogranization use the public cloud?”
    We do use spell check.

  4. Marty, we all started small. 🙂

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