OpenedFilesView is a free and cool tool that allows you to manage opened files and directories on a Windows 2000/XP computer. It also seems to work with Windows 2003, although the readme file doesn't say anything about it.

OpenedFilesView PropertiesOpenFilesView displays all opened files on the computer when you start it. 18 different columns contain all relevant information, like the process that opened the file, the path to the corresponding program, access rights, etc. The same info can be accessed by opening the properties of a file.

OpenedFilesViewYou can sort the opened files with respect to every criteria in each column, and search for filenames. There are three filters which allow you to display only local files, network files or directories. With OpenedFilesView, you can also kill the corresponding process or just close the handle.

It creates reports in different formats, like HTML, XML and text of all or selected opened files. It is also possible to copy and paste rows from its GUI.

The tool can be used in scripts, too. You can start it using different parameters that will produce a list in configurable formats for a specified filename. That way you can also close all handles of the matching filenames or a folder.

OpenFilesView doesn't have to be installed, and therefore, runs from a USB stick or from a shared folder. Quite handy when you work on server and/or a user's desktop computer.

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Note that opened files aren't just files that you opened with a program. For the operating system, they are only open if the corresponding program denoted them as open. For example if you open a file with notepad, this file is not open for Windows since notepad closes the handle after it loaded the file.


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