An InformationWeek article discusses a new study that provides information on what IT managers think about Vista's improved security. Only half of the 300 respondents are impressed by Vista's new security features, it seems. Even more interesting is that only 14% "are eager to use UAC".

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Well, if you have read my blog for a while, you would know that I belong to the other 86%. These UAC pop-ups are often breaking my concentration still. However, I promised myself to keep the default UAC settings for at least a year on our desktops to give it a fair chance. If UAC will prevent the execution of just one malicious program, we will keep the default configuration. Otherwise, we will probably disable the UAC prompts.

The fact that only 50% of IT managers want to adopt Vista because of its security features perfectly reflects my own assessment. There is no doubt that Vista's security has improved. However, I am not sure if this is enough reason to upgrade our XP machines. Service Pack 2 for XP has greatly improved security, too. Thus, I do not feel any pressure or desire to move to Vista just for security reasons.

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It is interesting to note that only 22% of the IT managers in this study think that an upgrade to Vista is worth it because of its improved functionality. I suppose this is due to the fact that they are not working with Vista on their own desktops. As I said before, it takes quite sometime until you find your personal must-have-features. It is really difficult to judge Vista by just reading reviews or by checking feature lists. So if you have to decide if Vista should be deployed in your organization, I recommend using it yourself for some time.

  1. blink4blog 16 years ago

    Well, I been using Vista since 2 months ago and I would say as a Mac OS X users of me, Vista is the only OS that MSFT built that give some level of confidence to me.

  2. Ed 16 years ago

    As an IT manager, I use OS X and am very, very happy that I don’t have to shell out enormous amounts of money just to attempt to improve my security a little.

    Sheeze. What a scam MS has going. They are really getting people to pay to sorta-improve on flaws on software that they payed for previously?

  3. Stu 16 years ago

    At some point, MS will not support XP (abeit a few years from now) and Businesses will be forced into a decision. Either good or bad, Vista will probably be adopted. Hopefully, the alternatives will have matured to give Businesses & IT admins a viable choice.

  4. Stu, MS will support XP until 2014. So you still have some time for the decision 😉

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