I created a couple of wiki docs that explain everything you need to know about enabling PowerShell remoting. If you believe all you have to do is execute the Enable-PSRemoting cmdlet, you will be surprised how complex the topic is.

Michael Pietroforte

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At the moment, the doc discusses the parameters of the Enable-PSRemoting cmdlet, explains how you can enable PowerShell remoting on a remote computer with PsExec, and lists the Group Policy settings that enable PowerShell remoting on multiple computers. You will also learn how to allow non-administrators to work with PowerShell remoting and how to configure additional required settings in workgroup environments.

Actually, the wiki doc only covers the essentials, that is, everything you need to know to get the job done. We covered the various facets of the topic in our PowerShell remoting series. The wiki essentially summarizes the main points we discussed in the blog posts.

Allowing PowerShell remoting for a security group

Allowing PowerShell remoting for a security group

A difference in the blog posts is that we will regularly update the wiki if new PowerShell releases bring changes or if we become aware of new important facts.

If you think you can improve the guide, please sign in and edit the document. Depending on the value of your contribution, I will assign member points to your account, which will give you the chance to win one of the prizes in our monthly member competition.

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