A while ago, I listed all Group Policy and registry settings related to Windows 10 privacy that I am aware of. The list grew much longer than I had anticipated, and I think the topic is too complex for one person, which is why I have copied all the settings from the blog post to a wiki doc.

If you have a 4sysops account, then you can add new settings to the doc or correct any errors. I believe many Windows admins will benefit from this document if we can manage to keep it up to date. Therefore, I hope you will contribute and share your knowledge.

Microsoft continuously adds new features to Windows 10, and some of these updates  affect telemetry and privacy. Thus, this wiki doc is intended as an ongoing project.

Please note that this document concerns only Windows 10. Of course, some settings will also work with older Windows versions, but the focus of the wiki doc is solely on Windows 10. Since Microsoft has added quite a few features to Windows 10 that affect telemetry and privacy, many of the settings discussed in this wiki are irrelevant for older versions of Windows.

Windows 10 Privacy

Windows 10 Privacy

If you want to deploy some of the Group Policy settings, you will need the latest ADMX templates that contain all of the new settings for Windows 10. You either have to load the templates on the computer where you manage Group Policy or copy the templates to your Central Store.

Some of the settings covered in the wiki doc might only be available in Windows 10 Enterprise. If you are aware of a setting that is unavailable in Windows 10 Pro, please add a corresponding remark to the doc.

The Group Policy Reference sometimes mentions if a setting is only available in the Enterprise edition. However, I have found settings previously that have only worked in Windows 10 Enterprise without a corresponding notice in the Group Policy Reference. Thus, if you have a Windows 10 Pro machine in your network and a setting is not working as expected, you might want to try it on an Enterprise edition.

If you want to share your experience with the Windows 10 privacy settings, you can post a comment below the wiki doc. However, currently, only signed-in users can comment on wiki docs.

Readers of my original post recommended this TechNet post for additional settings. If you want to contribute to this project, you could check whether all of the settings mentioned in this post are already in the wiki doc, and if not, you could add them.

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I have already added the additional settings mentioned in my original blog post. Please note that I will no longer update the blog post. I will add new privacy settings only to the wiki doc.

  1. Padraig 6 years ago

    Excellent idea Michael. User LenMc over at Spiceworks also had an interesting post regarding registry settings for Windows10 issues


    • Author
      Michael Pietroforte 6 years ago

      Thanks! Did you spot registry entries in the script that are missing in the wiki?

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