I posted a new wiki doc that lists Group Policy differences between Windows 10 Pro and the Windows 10 Enterprise/Windows 10 Education.

Windows 10 Enterprise offers quite a few features that are not available in Windows 10 Pro. However, those differences are usually not apparent in Group Policy editor or even in the Group Policy Reference. In the local Group Policy editor on a Windows 10 Pro installation, you will find all the Group Policies that only work in Windows 10 Enterprise.

If you are aware of the feature differences between the two editions, you probably won't accidentally configure a policy that is unavailable on Windows 10 Pro. However, with some settings this is not immediately obvious.

For instance, I was quite surprised when I learned that the Start layout policy only works in Windows Enterprise. Update: It is unclear if this feature works in Windows 10 Pro or not. When I first tried it, it didn't work. I tried it again after a reader's comment (see below) and it worked now in 1511 and 1607.

Also, it appears that Microsoft sometimes changes things with feature upgrades such as Windows 10 1511 where they made changes to the Turn off the Store application policy.

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The description of the Start Layout gives no hint about the Windows 10 edition

The description of the Start Layout gives no hint about the Windows 10 edition

If you are aware of another Group Policy that should be listed in wiki, you can just add it yourself after registering at 4sysops.

  1. john 7 years ago

    Hi Michael, we have been using the start layout policy on networks running Win10 Pro v1511 for months now and it works fine even though the descriptions says it’s supported on Enterprise only.

    Has anyone tried applying these policies Pro in v1607 as the may well still work?

  2. john 7 years ago

    We deployed the anniversary update on a new Windows 10 Pro PC and can confirm the start menu GPO still works fine thankfully.

    It works even better than before actually as it applies immediately once the policy is picked up whereas before it would only apply at log on.

    Not sure why it says it says Enterprise only in description but it does wok on Pro. I suspect many of the other “Enterprise only” policies will work on Pro too.

    • Author

      Interesting, tried it now on Windows 10 Pro 1511 and the Start layout feature works indeed. I wonder why Microsoft says it doesn’t and why many readers complained that it didn’t work in their case?

    • Author

      I also tried it now after installing the Anniversary Update and the Start layout policy still works in Windows 10 Pro. I added a note to the article. John, thanks for the hint!

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