Amazon introduced two new certifications; one for sysops and one for developers: AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate Level and AWS Certified Developer - Associate Level.
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I usually have an aversion to any kind of renaissance in IT, but I somehow like that Amazon revives the term “sysops.” The official name of the certification is AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate Level. I just don’t understand what a sysops administrator is; it sounds like “food cook” or “law lawyer” to me.

Besides, isn’t the administrator profession dying anyway? Although Amazon doesn’t specifically mention DevOps in the exam description, the certification targets “individuals who have designed and built an AWS-based application, as well as have experience operating applications on the AWS platform.” Thus, it seems developer skills are becoming more and more important for all IT pros.

AWS certification

AWS certification

The second new certification is called AWS Certified Developer - Associate Level. (I wonder why it’s not called  AWS Certified Programs Developer ?) In the past, AWS mostly attracted developers who tested their applications in Amazon’s cloud.

However, this has changed in the last few years, since many organizations have moved their production systems to AWS. And that means that more and more IT pros are needed to operate the various systems in the cloud. Let’s call them sysops. 😉

The third certification AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate Level is available since April 2013. You can find more information about the AWS certification program here.

In addition to the Associate Level plans to offer two more levels, the Professional Level and the Master Level. The announcement in the AWS blog doesn't mention when they will be available.

Those of you who learn better by preparing for an exam will welcome these new cloud certifications. And, if you want to get started with Amazon’s cloud, you should have a look as these brand new video tutorials that introduce six popular AWS services.

In case you think video tutorials are too time consuming, you can also wait for my comprehensive AWS series that will give a brief introduction of all of Amazon’s cloud services, which I will publish soon on 4sysops. (I counted 32 services so far.)


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