Submitted by Christoph Kral

Another Tool I like to share: “Necromancers Dos Navigator”. Despite the bold name, it’s one of the better if not the best free “file commander” out there. This tool is available for linux and w32 plattform and beats mc and other free commander tools with a lot of nice features like an inbuild hex editor, support for a lot of different archives types, a nice editor and a really versatile file viewer.

Necromancers Dos Navigator (NDN)

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    costinel 16 years ago

    you should try far manager. initially released for money by winrar authors, now has gone opensource at
    the beta version (a little hard to find it through the forums, but not impossible) rocks… it has countless plugins, i have never had enough time to test them all, i’ve only installed the winscp plugin to transfer files to my remote ssh servers.

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