I promise, this will be my last article about Microsoft VDI for a while. During my research for the Microsoft VDI series, I stumbled across quite a few interesting articles about the topic which I want to share. If you want to dig deeper, you will find additional valuable information.

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Microsoft Desktop Virtualization

Microsoft Virtualization Product Portfolio

This page is link list from Microsoft about their virtualization products, quite a few white papers and other resources.

What's New in Remote Desktop Services

This TechNet article gives detailed overview of the changes in Remote Desktop Services (formerly Terminal Services).

Operating system virtualization

Microsoft product homepage for desktop virtualization

Microsoft Accelerates Desktop Virtualization

The press release that caused the stir about VDI recently.

Competitive Comparison Between Microsoft and VMware Desktop Virtualization (PDF)

This paper is mostly about Microsoft's desktop virtualization solutions and says only little about VMware.

Microsoft Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Virtual desktop infrastructure delivers the flexibility you need

This is Microsoft product homepage for VDI.

Microsoft Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Explained

A TechNet article that gives a good overview of Microsoft VDI.

Brian Madden Shootout: We're there and talking about VDI and RDS

Michael Kleef explains the difference between pooled VDI vs. personal virtual desktops (PVD)

Justifying VDI – Part One

This article is about VMware View, probably the VDI solution with the biggest market share today.

Microsoft VDI Licensing

Virtual Enterprise Centralized Desktop (VECD) Licensing FAQ (PDF)

Beginning July 1, 2010, VECD will be replaced with the new VDA license. However, some info in this FAQ will still be useful.

Licensing Remote Desktop Services in Windows Server 2008 R2

This is Microsoft's homepage for RDS licensing.

Licensing Focus – Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

A detailed article about Microsoft VDI Licensing

What's Microsoft's real reason for killing VECD?


Explaining Microsoft RemoteFX

Microsoft's Virtualization Team Blog explains RemoteFX, the new feature that will come with Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1. Could someone tell them that their site doesn't look properly in Chrome and Firefox?

Vendors react to Microsoft RemoteFX announcement: VMware, Quest, Wyse Technology

Third party VDI vendors are getting nervous.

Hyper-V Dynamic Memory

The first article gives a short explanation of Hyper-V Dynamic Memory, another new feature of Windows Server 2008 SP1. If you want it a "little" more detailed, you should read the Dynamic Memory series at the Virtualization Team Blog.

Microsoft details upcoming Hyper-V Dynamic Memory feature

Dynamic Memory Coming To Hyper-V Part 1

Dynamic Memory Coming to Hyper-V Part 2

Dynamic Memory Coming to Hyper-V Part 3

Dynamic Memory Coming to Hyper-V Part 4

Dynamic Memory Coming to Hyper-V Part 5


If you prefer to watch rather than read, then you might like the following videos. The first link will lead you to a side with a couple of interviews about Microsoft Desktop Virtualization. The Geek Week videos over at brianmadden go into the technical details of Microsoft VDI. Recommended!

Desktop Virtualization Hour

Geek Week VDI: Microsoft "in box" VDI Whiteboard (Part 1)

Geek Week VDI: Microsoft "in box" VDI installation and configuration (Part 2)

Geek Week VDI: Microsoft "in box" VDI WAN experience (Part 3)

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Geek Week VDI Day 4: Microsoft "in box" VDI solution summary

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