I don't know if you are aware about the InfoWorld campaign to save Windows XP. They have a nice countdown timer on their site. As I post this article, XP has 144 days left.

That is, after June 30 Microsoft plans to end sales of Windows XP to OEM partners. Meanwhile, more than 75,000 signed the petition, but according to a PCWorld article, Microsoft is showing no signs of mercy for XP lovers.

When asked about the petition, a Microsoft spokesman replied:

We're aware of it, but are listening first and foremost to feedback we hear from partners and customers about what makes sense based on their needs. That's what informed our decision to extend the availability of XP initially, and what will continue to guide us.

From all I have read about this Windows XP vs. Vista issue, I somehow doubt that customers "need" that OEMs are not allowed to sell XP anymore soon. If Microsoft is really listening to their customers (you can read this in almost every MS marketing text), then why not let them decide if they want to buy Windows XP or Vista?

It is understandable that Microsoft wantsticks to get rid of XP as soon as possible, so they can focus on Vista only. However, forcing customers to move to Vista is not the solution to this problem. A better strategy would have been to release Vista SP1 earlier.

Since we have a so-called campus agreement with Microsoft, we are not faced with this problem. I don't remember the details of our contract, but I think we could still run Windows 95 if we wanted to. Volume license customers have more or less the same options. Check out this InfoWorld article for all the possible options to continue using XP.

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Please, don't get me wrong. I am not recommending sticking to XP for as long as it's possible. If I had my own way, we would have already moved all our PCs to Vista. The problem is that most of them only have 1GB RAM, and in my opinion that is not enough. So we move to Vista only with new PCs. However, if we have to clone an old PC for whatever reasons, it will be Vista in the near future. This PC will then just get some extra memory.

  1. Pete 14 years ago

    >However, if we have to clone an old PC for >whatever reasons, it will be Vista in the near >future. This PC will then just get some extra >memory.

    And you think that will solve the problem Hummmm ok have it your way when you start finding hardware that was working under 95 and XP now dead under Vista then maybe your mind will be slightly altered .

    Have fun on the Microsoft Hype wagon

    Pete .

  2. Everett 14 years ago

    Isn’t it interesting that MS stated the number of Vista licences sold were in the millions. However, the company that I work for buys the new computers with Vista and immediately cleans the disk and loads XP. In our environment we have run into to many problems making applications work with Vista. Also when I called about buying a new computer (before the PC sellers backed off of the Vista Only OS stance) they recommended to me that I buy the computer, then go out and purchase a copy of XP to load on the new computer if I did not want Vista. So the licenses may have been sold, but how many are actually in use today????

  3. Pete 14 years ago

    Well as you may have guessed i got of the MS bandwagon some time ago now but have friends that are still stuck in the MS world for things like Autocad and some financial stuff , I also know a lot of people that are doing exactly that getting a new machine and installing the XP from there previous machine on it and canning Vista

    I have looked at Vista and all i can say is it aint an MS look and feel it has almost certainly been lifted form other sources (nuff said) .

    This licnses sold line is just marketting hype something the likes of Mr Ballmer are very good at pity the product is not as good as the mouth ,It’s a bit like the SCO fiasco in a way all mouth and no substance .

    A lot of people now are turning to Linux to get off the MS bandwagon and while there may be some areas where it lacks the polish(read BullS**T) of the MS counter part it is catching up very rapidly this machine is running an Alpha of Opensuse 10.3 think it 10.3a3 and is rock solid yes i can make it look like the MS product for people but most of them find the new look/ideas in Linux interesting and usefull (just dont tell a newbie the root password or else big troubles)

    Pete .

  4. Greg 14 years ago

    >Have fun on the Microsoft Hype wagon

    Its better than being on the MS Bash wagon.

    Michael, I agree with your business line of site. It makes good sence.
    I found it easier to stop complaining and learn to use what has been given to us.
    Thank you Microsoft.

    Why the initial comment to Pete?
    If you’re blinded by a bash agenda. You will miss out on the good things Microsoft has Done, Doing, & Planning. That means you’ll be Stuck with BackSide and NOT Enjoy the UpSide.

    I’ll stop here before I’m asked to go get a blog.

    Thanks Michael. Keep up the good honest work.

  5. Michael Pietroforte 14 years ago

    Pete, we also had some driver issues with Vista. One shouldn’t blame Microsoft for this since it is the job of hardware vendors to take care of their drivers. By the way, I recently had the first case where a device worked immediately under Vista, but not under XP. It was my new Windows Mobile 6 toy. It is only a matter of time until vendors stop supporting XP. I am quite sure that you won’t get Windows 95 drivers for most new devices. As for Linux, well, you know, it is not really compatible to Windows XP either. 😉

    Everett, I absolutely agree. There are many who bought Vista licenses, but don’t use them. However, this shows that most of them plan to use them sooner or later. They are just waiting until their problems are solved.

    Greg, thanks. You really have a point there. I often wonder why MS is doing so well as a company when I read about all the complaints every day. They must have done something right. I also like to complain often. I suppose it makes us feel better somehow. 😉

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