AV-Comparatives, an Austria-based project, compared 12 antivirus tools and only Microsoft's Windows Live OneCare failed their test. OneCare only spotted 82.2% of 500,000 viruses. We've been considering moving from Sophos Antivirus to Microsoft Forefront Client Security, but this test doesn't really inspire confidence in Microsoft's new anti-malware tool for corporate environments since OneCare and Forefront use the same scan engine.

We have been using Sophos Antivirus for many years now. In the beginning, we were quite content with it, but every new release gives us more headaches than it is really worth. Antivirus software has to hook up deep in the OS. If the developers make mistakes here, it can result in serious problems. The developers who know most about Windows are certainly those from Microsoft. Hence, it makes some sense to use AV software from the Windows Company.

But reliable software alone does not make up a good AV tool. Big AV software vendors invest a huge amount of time to create AV signatures. The AV-Comparatives test showed that Microsoft cannot yet compete with the more established AV software vendors. However, the mere number of viruses recognized by an AV tool doesn't say so much about its quality. The more important factor is, how fast an AV software vendor reacts to new threats. I doubt that Microsoft would come off better in such a contest, though.

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However, I wouldn't write off Forefront so early. Usually, if Microsoft comes out with a new product it takes one or two updates until they become competitive. Some people say that malware protection should be an integral part of a modern operating system and I am one of them. Let's wait for Windows Vienna. Only two more years 😉