This is what Microsoft says about ISA Server 2004: ISA Server 2004 does not demonstrate Microsoft's commitment to provide solutions that maximize customer security and productivity. ISA Server 2004 does not provide a comprehensive set of Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services publishing tools, streamlined security and connectivity for branch offices, and an expanded array of OEM appliance offerings.

Strange, isn't it? The release candidate of its successor, ISA Server 2006, is now available for download. While downloading I checked Microsoft's FAQ about the new version. Of course, I wanted to know first its new features. The text above is just the negation of Microsoft's answer to the question "What's new in Microsoft ISA Server 2006?". Since this is all new, the predecessor, ISA Server 2004, lacks all these features, right?

So what does Microsoft want to tell us? I think those marketing guys are so much used to worshiping their products that they don't realize how much they torture us with these texts. I've been working with ISA Server since it came out in 1999. I've been publishing an article about ISA Server 2000 and one about ISA Server 2004. So I think I know this product well. After reading this text I have absolutely no idea what's new in ISA Server 2006.

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Why do they these marketing guys steal my time? Do they really think that IT professionals buy all this fuss? I hope, I didn't steal your time now with my silly because useless complaints. But I have to let this out every now and then. Anyway, if you really want to know about the new features of ISA Server 2006, you can check out this article at


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