Microsoft currently offers a beta version of the Microsoft Fix it Center. This application has one purpose: It should automatically fix some computer problems and support the user in finding a solution for those problems it can’t solve. As every administrator knows, fixing hardware or software problems can take up a lot of time. So having a tool that automatically fixes various problems would be any administrator’s heaven. But is the Microsoft Fix it Center really a ticket to heaven?

First you have to download it here. During setup, the tool checks your software and hardware configuration. Depending on this configuration it offers to install different so-called troubleshooters. After you choose which of these troubleshooters to install, you are asked if you want to create an online account. (The benefit of having an online account is that you have access to Fix it Center Online.) Here is a picture of the Troubleshooters that were selected for my system:

Fix Windows Problems - Microsoft Fix it Center Setup

Click Next to finish the setup. When you start the program, you see a list of the troubleshooters that have been installed on your configuration and a button labeled Run next to them.

Fix Windows Problems - Microsoft Fix it Center Automated Troubleshooters

After you click the Run button, you are asked if the fixes should be applied automatically or if you want to manually choose which fixes to apply. If you previously chose to create a Fix it Center Online account, every action you take here and every fix that is applied is logged in the online platform. If you attach different Fix it Centers with the same account, the tool tracks the actions for each computer so you get an automatically generated and centralized report inventory for your computer problems. Here‘s a screenshot of the platform:

Fix Windows Problems - Microsoft Fix it Center Online

In the screenshot, you can see the results of an “Im prove performance, safety and security in Internet Explorer” Troubleshooter run. As you can see, the tool does perform useful checks and automatically fixed some problems. For an inexperienced user, and even for professional Service Desk staff in certain situations, the Microsoft Fix it Center would have provided some solutions. But you can also see that other problems wouldn’t have been solved. The time when computers solve their problems themselves hasn’t yet arrived.

The bottom line is that Microsoft Fix it Center is very useful for home users or small companies with no professional in-house support, as it is capable of fixing common problems. The integrated direct link to Microsoft support, the approach of a personalized support center, and the Fix it Center Online are big pluses for enterprise use. However, if you consider that running Microsoft Fix it Center on an enterprise level creates additional maintenance costs, I think the main advantage won’t be in cost reduction but in a better structured and organized problem solution. All in all, the application points in the right direction, and with additional features and Troubleshooters it might become a very valuable tool in the future. After all, it’s still in beta.

  1. M Harris 11 years ago

    The beta test have been closed. Is there any other link?

  2. driftar 11 years ago

    The beta test for Windows 7 is closed, they have enough beta testers for Windows 7. But there should be more place for Windows XP or Vista testers.

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