When Microsoft released the Intelligent Message Filter (IMF) for Exchange 2003 I wrote an article for a German magazine about it. IMF is quite impressive compared to other spam filters, that we began using it right away. We have relatively seldom false positives, but recently the IMF identified our own newsletter as spam. So I wanted to add the sender of the newsletter to the Safe Senders list of Outlook 2003 on all our machines using Group Policies.

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We added the ADM files for Office 2003 to the GPO editor. The settings for the junk mail filter can be found here: User Configuration -> Administrative Templates ->Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 ->Tools|Options -> Preferences ->Junk E-Mail. There you can specify the path to a text file containing the email addresses which shall be added to the Safe Senders list of Outlook. The only problem was that it didn't work at all. After googling about the problem for a while I found the solution.

imf_gpo.jpgFirst of all one should install Service Pack 2 for Office 2003. Second, it seems that the Safe Senders list is only imported into Outlook if the JunkMailImportLists key in the Windows Registry is set to 1. This can also be done automatically on all computers in your network using Group Policy. You can use this ADM file for it:

Class User
CATEGORY "Junk Mail Import Lists"
KEYNAME Software\Microsoft\Office\11.0\Outlook\Options\Mail
POLICY "Enable Junk Mail Import Lists"
VALUENAME JunkMailImportLists

imf_fully_managed.jpgThis setting is only visible in the GPO editor if you disable "Only show policy settings that can be fully managed" in the filter under view.

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The email addresses of the Safe Senders list will be visible in Outlook (Tools|Options|Junk-Email) after the user logged on the client computer. I recommend that you also disable "Overwrite or Append Junk Mail Import List" in the Group Policies. Otherwise you will delete the safe senders that were added manually by the Outlook user.

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    Adam, you mean that you added a safe sender to your Outlook list? The entries in this list won’t be copied to the server. You have to add every safe sender to the list on the server manually.

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