has an interesting article about the latest test results of Virus Bulletin. Major vendors such as Sophos, Trend Micro and Kapersky failed to protect against some of the viruses in their collection. I found it quite interesting that Microsoft, a newcomer in this field, passed their test.

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I blogged about the bad detection rate of Microsoft's antivirus solutions (Onecare and Forefront) in March this year. Microsoft OneCare was the only AV solution that failed AV Comparatives' test. In June Microsoft OneCare already improved a little and went up to rank #14 out of 17.

I think this development is remarkable. It shows that Microsoft is serious about fighting against this plague that only affects Windows users. It is certainly quite embarrassing for the major AV players not to detect some outdated viruses. However, one should always be cautious from reading too much into such tests. It is much more important how fast an AV team reacts to new threats. I doubt that Microsoft is already able to compete with the specialists here.

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I am still considering giving Microsoft's AV solution a chance even though my first impression of Forefront was not really positive. As an educational institution, we get Microsoft software for a reasonable price. Thus their software is always an option for us.

  1. The Shadow 14 years ago

    Its crazy that you actually applaud Microsoft for their forefront service. They are selling a product that is a direct conflict of interest in that if they don't patch thier systems, they could try and sell more Forefront. Its crazy. Its like Ford selling you an extra wheel because they have a safety issue with a wheel falling off. How could you even say that Microsoft is good on security and taking it seriously? If they had, they wouldn't need to try and make money on a security software in the first place. Just my two cents

  2. I agree that that there is a certain conflict of interest. However, I think Microsoft’s primary concern is to make Windows as secure as possible. Windows is their cash cow not Forefront. Microsoft invested a lot in the security of Windows (XP SP2, Vista, Server 2008). Do you really believe that they will risk their newly gained reputation in regard to security just because they to hope to sell a couple of Forefront licenses? The main purpose of Microsoft’s security products is to help make their operating systems more secure because they want to sell more Windows licenses. I guess if they didn’t have to fear another anti-trust case, they would just add OneCare to the consumer version of Windows and Forefront to Windows Server.

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