Microsoft BDD 2007 (Business Desktop Deployment) RC1 available for download

Michael PietroforteMVP By Michael Pietroforte - Wed, December 13, 2006 - 0 comments google+ icon

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BDD 2007 is now feature complete. Thus, it is really time to get acquainted with it if you plan to deploy Vista in the near future. The documentation is ready as well. BDD 2007 contains important deployment tools for Vista like ImageX, WSIM (Windows System Image Manager) or WDS (Windows Deployment Services). You can download it at Microsoft Connect.

It is interesting to note that there still is no final version of BDD 2007 available, although Vista RTM can already be downloaded for sometime. Moreover, SMS 2003 still doesn’t fully support Vista.

So, Microsoft is delivering Vista to its business customers without giving them the tools to deploy it. Maybe, it would have made more sense to release the consumer versions before Christmas and the business edition next year. Which admin will deploy a new OS with half-ready tools? Besides, the feedback of consumers could have been used to update Vista with new patches.

Via Arlindo’s Blog

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