Changing the primary Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) task sequence can cause your machines to immediately reboot when the old task sequence is not found.

If you have been using one task sequence for a while, changing to a new task sequence can cause trouble. This issue occurs if you are at a near Zero Touch Installation (ZTI) or actually at ZTI with your deployment.

First, you can easily check to see if your new task sequence is causing your machines to automatically reboot after prompting for a name. Open up your customsettings.ini file and remark out the line “SkipTaskSequence=Yes”. You can remark out the line by placing a semicolon at the beginning of the line.

SkipTaskSequence is remarked out in my CustomSettings.ini

SkipTaskSequence is remarked out in my CustomSettings.ini

Reboot your problematic machines and attempt to image again. If prompted to restart the Task Sequence, press Yes. If the Task Sequence name was the problem, the machine should start imaging now.

You probably want to get back to your ZTI or near ZTI deployment. To do so, find where you’ve specified the TaskSequenceID attribute in your CustomSettings.ini or the TaskSequenceID= value in your MDT database. Update your CustomSettings file or remove and import your computers into the MDT database to resolve this issue.

Wrapping up, general failures in your Task Sequence can be caused by modifying the critical Install Operating System task. Microsoft’s best practice, which involves creating a new Task Sequence, can cause additional issues. These occur when the TaskSequenceID is hardcoded for clients. This can be fixed by updating these values.


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