I am currently playing a little with Windows Vista Beta 2. I guess many system administrators will wonder how to map a network drive or access the folder options in Windows Vista when they open the Windows Explorer for the first time. Basically, it works the same way as in Windows XP. You go to tools in the menu bar and click on "map network drive" or "folder options". The only question is where is the menu bar? Well, you have to press "Alt" to see it. I wonder what's the sense in this?

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  1. Bioxvirus 17 years ago

    hah, i would just likee to say thanks for that. i was so confused as to how the hell i got to folder options lol.

  2. Richard Thomas 16 years ago

    Mapping the drive is not really a problem as you have explained. I am still waiting for someone to address the issue of installing software from a mapped drive. I am trying to install the executable for a Quickbooks client (Station) from a Workgroup share onto a new Vista box. I created the share but now when the installer asks for the data source folder, only the local drives show up as options. Where did the mapped drive go?

  3. Ruthe 16 years ago

    I’m having the same problem as Richard. Did you find the answer yet?

  4. I never experienced this problem. Maybe you just have to mount the drive first before you launch the installer. I could also be a problem of the installer.

  5. Richard Thomas 16 years ago

    It has been several weeks since I worked on the problem but yesI did find tyhe answer. The problem is the UAC service – a new addition in Vista which basically requires re-authentication for every action you try to perform. My resolution was to turn the service off. This is done by typing the “msconfig” command into the Run command line.This opens a set of services and features which can be be turned on or off using check blocks. There are multiple tabs in the window and I do not recall where exactly the command is located. After checking the block to stop (or turn off) the UAC feature, save the configuration and re-boot. Problem resolved.

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