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lansweeper-software Desktop management/inventory tool with web interface.

From the publisher:

Lansweeper solves these network inventory problems with a simple line in the logon script of each user. The first time somebody logs on at a new computer the computer is automatically scanned and all hardware and software inventory is done.


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  • User data, pictures, groups, logon times, ...
  • All hardware information you could ever need
  • All installed software, patches and available licenses
  • All computer configuration information
  • All windows configuration information
  • All Active Directory user and computer details
  • All running processes
  • Custom registry keys that you specify
  • Custom file version and other information
  • Internet Explorer addons, bars, BHO's and activeX controls


  1. dsy 14 years ago

    there is a typo in the link to lansweeper.

  2. Thanks! I corrected it.

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