KillProcess 2.32 is a free tool that allows you to kill multiple Windows processes with just a mouse click. This is especially useful if you have to deal with malware like viruses or trojans. Sophisticated malware uses multiple processes checking each other constantly. If one of them got terminated, then one of its fellow processes will start it again immediately. So Windows Task-Manager is often useless if you want to get rid of this kind of malware since it only allows you to kill processes one at a time.

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Like Task-Manager, KillProcess lists all processes currently running on your computer. It shows their PID, memory usage, a short description and you can set the process priority.

KillProcess gives you more detailed information than Task-Manager, for example about the process' executable, what other processes it started and so on (see screenshot). If you are not sure about the purpose of a process, you can launch Google right from the tool.

KillProcess Process Information

KillProcessYou can run KillProcess from the command line. This way, you can start the tool in batch files which is quite useful if you have to kill multiple processes on several computers in your network.

KillProcess is a nifty tool for terminating processes. My favorite tool for dealing with processes in general still is Sysinternals Process Explorer though.

  1. ravi 14 years ago

    for personal computer use

  2. Peter Jaspers-Fayer 12 years ago

    I too, like Sysinternal's Process Explorer, but it does not allow selection/kill of multiple processes. This is crucial for some viruses that have 2 or more processes, each restarting each other when you kill them. I tried to select more than one in PE, but if it can be done, I didn't find it.

  3. Peter Jaspers-Fayer 12 years ago

    Oh, and 2 notes:

    1) My McAfee ate the command-line tool.
    The GUI runs fine without it.

    2) Like Processes Explorer, the installer doesn't really do anything but copy files, so you can copy the installed files in (default) C:\Program Files\KillProcess to your memory stick if desired.

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