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JDiskReport ScreenshotFind out what is using your file system in a pie-chart display. To me it's much easier to surf through pie charts to find out what is using the most of my free disk space. I've also deployed this utility to my end users because it's so easy, free and platform independant.

From the publisher's website:

JDiskReport provides different perspectives about your disk drives: absolute and relative sizes, size distribution, distribution of modification dates, and distribution of types.

Each perspective includes a pie chart, a bar chart, and a details table. You can choose to either show the file size or the number of files. Also, JDiskReport collects a list of 100 largest, oldest, and newest files.

Size Perspective

The size perspective shows you how much space the files and folders consume on your disk drives. The size pie chart is probably the best to find monster files and folders. You can switch to the table view and toggle the display of files to get more detailed information about a folder.

Size Distribution

The size distribution views help you to learn more about the different file sizes that exists on your hard disks. Look at these views to check whether the size distribution is what you expected it to be.

If you are in 'Show file size' mode, you can see how much space is consumed by large, medium sized, and small files. In 'Show number of files' mode, you see how many files are large, of medium size, and small.

Modified Distribution

The modification distribution views provide you with information about when how much space and how many files have been modified.

Type Distribution

The type distribution statistics are collected from the file extensions that exist on the analysed file tree. You can see which file type consumes space and how many files of a given file type you have.

Top 100 Lists

These tables show the list of 100 largest files, least recently modified files, and most recently files. This is a good place to find large and obsolete files.

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  1. Avatar
    Ronin Vladiamhe 16 years ago

    WinDirStat is a pretty good tool, with a pretty good features list as well.

  2. Avatar
    Leonardo 16 years ago

    I’m sort of surprised MS hasn’t implemented something like this, perhaps a watered-down version like their defrag. Indispensable, when you have multiple drives on your system and want to know where all that space has gone (pr0n).

  3. Avatar

    Ronin, I absolutely agree. I usually use WinDirStat when it comes to getting an overview of disk usage. I reviewed reviewed WinDirStat a while back and you can vote for it here.

  4. Avatar
    Ronin Vladiamhe 15 years ago

    Does this tool give the user the option of printing the results (reports, charts, etc.)? Printing results directly from WinDirStat is its ‘only’ missing feature.

  5. Avatar
    Erick 13 years ago

    Treesize application is neat

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