Sometime ago, I reported that we were unable to set up our KMS (Key Management Service) under Windows Server 2003 because we already exceeded the number of allowed KMS installations. You can only install 6 KMS hosts by default. Since we accidently used the KMS key to activate some Vista clients, we couldn't use this key anymore to activate the KMS host on a Windows server.

It was not just enough to uninstall the KMS keys on the Vista clients where we erroneously used them to activate Vista. So, we contacted Microsoft KMS Service Center, hoping that they would increase the number of allowed KMS installations for us. A Microsoft representative, then, asked us how many KMS installation we would need. One of my colleagues asked for 10 further KMS activations. They immediately replied that it would take 1-3 weeks.

After a month, we finally got the confirmation that our request has been completed. It is interesting to note that such a relatively simple task takes so long to accomplish. Obviously, those guys responsible for KMS support are quite busy at the moment. I suppose, it won't be much faster if you want to increase the number of allowed MAK activations. So, keep in mind that you have to contact Microsoft in time if you need more MAK or KMS activations.

I don't know if they really gave us 10 further KMS licenses since you can't see at Microsoft licensing how many KMS hosts you have activated already. This is only possible for MAKs. At least, they didn't complain about our request.

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So, finally I was able to activate our KMS host on a Windows server. I'll probably report about our experiences as soon as we have more than 25 Vista clients.

  1. Joe 16 years ago

    I’d bet they aren’t that busy, they just give you time to stew as a way of saying “Don’t do that again”. Non-the-less, good to know that it can take much longer than most would like.

  2. Michael Pietroforte 16 years ago

    Joe, I’ve had the same thought. But we talked to a Microsoft staff on the phone. They seem to be quite confused about the new situation. I doubt, they want to punish customers this way. They certainly get enough complaints already.

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