When I moved to Vista some weeks ago, I realized that my old CD burning software is not working, anymore. I looked around for another free tool, but wasn't able to find one that doesn't install spyware. Then, I found a link to ISO Recorder V3 at Computer Bits.

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ISO Recorder V3 is very easy-to-use. Just right click on an ISO file and select "copy image to CD". By the way, if you want to burn images with the img extension, for example, the WAIK image, you only have to rename it by giving it the suffix "ISO".

ISO Recorder V3 also allows you to create ISO files. Creating an ISO file is just like burning one. Just right click on the CD/DVD drive letter, and there you are.

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    Jim 17 years ago

    Word of warning…this is still a release candidate and it still has a few bugs. I’ve been using it for awhile. It’s certainly convenient.

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    Thanks for the warning. I also used it for a while, but didn’t encounter any problems. I use it only occasionally, though.

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    wboy 17 years ago

    Another nice thing about ImgBurn is that you can download the setup and extract the contents to a folder (I personally use 7-zip to do this).

    Place the folder on your flash drive (you can remove the $PLUGINDIR folder within) and you have a awesome little ISO tool thats portable!

    Virtual Drive Letter emulation from an ISO would make it perfect!

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    justin 15 years ago

    this program disables my dvd optical drive in windows vista. beware!

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