Internet Explorer 7, do you really need it?

Michael PietroforteMVP By Michael Pietroforte - Fri, August 25, 2006 - 0 comments google+ icon

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You’ve probably heard it; Internet Explorer 7 RC1 is now available. It seems the whole blogosphere is talking about this at the moment. So I can’t help myself and contribute a word or two about it, too.

I have been using Firefox for a while. However, I am not using this browser because some people say it is more secure, it is Open Source, its programmers more or less follow open standards or because I think that Bill Gates is too rich. I simply use it because of its zoom feature (CTRL + mouse wheel). That works too with IE 6, but only with some web pages.

Now I see that IE 7 has also an improved zoom function. It is not like in Firefox, as it also enlarges pictures at the same time, thereby not destroying the layout. It is more like in Opera. Anyway, that might be enough reason to change my browser when I switch to Vista.

Why not earlier, you might ask? Because I think it is not worth downloading. In my view, there is not much difference between any of the available web browsers. All web pages look more or less the same regardless which browser you use. If you click on a hyperlink, well, another web page will open. That’s all the functionality I need. If you don’t share my view, ask yourself what else are you doing with your browser aside from browsing web pages?

Things look a bit different, if you have to decide which web browser to use in a corporate network . I wrote an article about this topic a while ago. I still think that there is no alternative to IE here. I’ve read that Windows Vista will offer more Group Policy settings for IE 7. So, it is quite probable that there might even be more reasons soon to stick to IE in your network.

I can think of only one reason why one might consider using another web browser in a corporate environment. If you don’t have Windows on your desktops, looking for a different browser than IE could be advisable.

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