With earlier versions of Windows 10 and 11, you always had the option to skip the creation of a Microsoft account and use a local user account. However, with the recent 22H2 update, Microsoft is now forcing customers to use a Microsoft account.
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If you start the Windows 11 setup without an internet connection, you will likely get stuck on the Let's connect you to a network screen with a grayed out Next button and the following message:

You'll need an internet connection to continue setting up your device. Once connected, you'll get the latest features and security updates.

Youll need an internet connection to continue setting up your Windows 11 device

Youll need an internet connection to continue setting up your Windows 11 device

As you can see in the screenshot, the Next button is grayed out, and there is no apparent way to bypass this screen. This will also prevent you from creating a local user account and using your device without a Microsoft account if you do not have an internet connection.

However, there is a way to bypass the internet requirement during Windows 11 22H2 setup.

Running the OOBE BypassNRO command

To bypass the internet requirement and use Windows 11 with a local user account, follow these steps:

  1. Start the Window 11 setup.
  2. When you see the Let's connect you to a network screen with the grayed-out Next button, press Shift + F10. This launches a command prompt.
  3. Now run the following command at the command prompt:

    Running the OOBE BypassNRO command to bypass the network requirement during Windows 11 setup

    Running the OOBE BypassNRO command to bypass the network requirement during Windows 11 setup

  4. After you execute this command, your system will restart. Alternatively, you can run the following commands instead:
    reg add HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\OOBE /v BypassNRO /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /f
    		shutdown /r /t 0

    After your system restarts, you need to select your region and keyboard layout once again. But this time, on the Let's connect you to a network screen, you will see a new I don't have internet option. See the screenshot below.

    Windows 11 setup I dont have internet

    Windows 11 setup I dont have internet

    If you are installing the Windows Enterprise edition, you get this option by default, so there is no need for any workaround.

  5. Just click the I don't have internet option, and then click the Continue with limited setup option, as shown below:

    Windows 11 setup continue with limited setup

    Windows 11 setup continue with limited setup

  6. Create a local user account. The setup continues.

    Windows 11 setup create a local user

    Windows 11 setup create a local user

The following screenshot shows that I was able to run Windows 11 22H2 with a local user without an internet connection.

Windows 11 running with a local user and without internet connection

Windows 11 running with a local user and without internet connection

Windows 11 running with a local user and without an internet connection


You just learned how to bypass the internet connection requirement during Windows 11 setup. Please share your opinion about Microsoft's increasing pressure to force Windows to create a Microsoft account.

  1. Greg Overby 3 months ago

    This is fantastic – but I’m running into Windows 10 22H2 demanding a Microsoft account. As I’m installing systems for other customers I don’t have that detail. I’ve gone back to 1709 – then upgraded to 22H2 — it would be great to able to hit this in one install. Still searching for a solution. Thanks.

  2. bgavin 3 months ago

    Thank you!
    This relentless push by Microsoft to force an online user account is a PITA.

    I never install a machine tied solely to an online account.
    Too many users are irresponsible with keeping track of the passwords.

    Thank you again for this valuable article.

  3. Mike D 3 months ago

    Too many times I have to create a machine that never touches the internet for security reasons. The increasing push for cloud computing just exposes more and more to security risks, and dependence on somebody else’s company. Amazon’s has proven their ability to put a company out of business without consequences by blocking access to cloud services.

    The addiction to the amazing functionality of cloud features is creating a false sense of security. Those of us who worry about infrastructure security have bigger and bigger battles to fight to keep systems isolated.

  4. J C 3 months ago

    Easier method is to just put in a single word as the username and make up a password, it will say “Oops – something went wrong”, press “Next” and then it will allow a local account. Just tested this method moments ago and it still works.

    • Author

      The problem is it won’t let you get past the Let’s connect you to a network screen. The Next button is greyed out so there is no way to enter anything as you can see in first screenshot.

    • joe 1 month ago

      Perfect straightforward solution. Just put letter ‘a’ and then random password. It will fail and will give you an option to create a local account.

  5. Leos Marek (Rank 4) 3 months ago

    Hi Surender,
    I have tried this some weeks ago. Didnt work for me. But, I did have “I dont have internet” button right away at my laptop with the latest installation file downloaded using the Windows media downloader tool.
    Seems some tricks work for some regional builds when some others works elsewhere.

    • J C 3 months ago

      There’s 2 other methods. Choose “School or work account”, then choose “Sign-in options” then “Domain join instead” and now you can create a local account.

      other method is to use “Setup for personal use”, then just put in anything for the email address and password (don’t leave blank), then press next, it will say “Oops – something went wrong”, press “Next” again and now you can create a local account.

      Both methods I’ve just confirmed moments ago on the latest build of Win11. (Trick also worked for me on Windows 10 previously).

      • Leos Marek (Rank 4) 3 months ago

        These options are not available when you install Home edition.

        • J C 3 months ago

          The first method of typing a single word email address and password and then pressing “Next” twice does work, even while connected to the network. I just tested it. On Pro and Home editions.

          • Leos Marek (Rank 4) 3 months ago

            Yes, that could work. But the problem is, you cant even get to that screen unless you connect to the internet. The next button is grayed out until you do so. Thats the point here.

            • Author

              Yes Leos. That is what inspired me to write this post but like you said, some options could be region specific, I guess.

          • Frank 2 months ago

            This just worked for me

    • Author

      Hi Leos, I also had this option while installing Enterprise edition but not in Pro edition.

      • Leos Marek (Rank 4) 3 months ago

        It rly seems some setting or options could be region depending.
        I did the disable wifi trick for my friend today with Home edition and it worked well.

    • T.Arboren 3 weeks ago

      I ran into some issues because I had already connected to the internet. On the screen to name the computer I released the ipconfig again through the shift+f10 access to the command prompt.

      When I pressed next, it asked prompted me to create a local account.

      So as far as regions go, its possible in the “united states” as defined by microsoft.`

  6. andre 3 months ago

    The simple “user@outlook.com” still works, wont it?

    • Jeremy 3 months ago

      No, not anymore

  7. Allan 3 months ago

    Thank you for the valuable article. Microsoft, like Google wants to know everything about users.

  8. Dan Dillon 2 months ago

    Being forced to use a MS account during installation is NOT a very nice action on MS’s part. This workaround is a godsend! Thanks!

  9. Michael Hale 2 months ago

    I am trying to set up a local user; am running Win10 Pro 22H2 but do not get “Next” anything. Login options are email address/password, SMartCard, (EMail address or phone) / password, or User Name / PIN (which I can’t get until the user is already set up).

    I can’t get to using a local account with User name / password.


    • Author

      That is exactly what’s covered in this post.
      Run the oobe\BypassNRO command and you will see I don’t have Internet option after restart. If it doesn’t work, try the reg add trick mentioned in the post.

  10. Allan 2 months ago

    I tried this on a new computer with Windows 11 Pro 22H2 (new) and it would not let me past the sign up for a Microsoft account notice. I already have a Microsoft account from Outlook, so I used that.
    I think that Microsoft has made some recent changes to the sign-in process.

  11. T 2 months ago

    It doesn’t work for the latest windows 11, they must have fixed it.

  12. Vinayak 1 month ago

    another it worked for me
    Open Device Manager => sysdm.cpl
    disable any internet connected network LAN or Wi-Fi connected
    restart computer => shutdown -f -r -t 0
    after restarting ask for Local Computer Name also New User & password ….

  13. Frog 4 weeks ago

    Shift f10 won’t bring the command prompt up any longer. Any other way to do that? Thanks

  14. Regina DiBiase 3 weeks ago

    What if you already connected to a network. How can I then bypass the microsome login prompt?

  15. T.Arboren 3 weeks ago

    Follow the instructions like normal and then Just keep repeating the step to release the ipconfig on each subsequent screen after the country selection. Before I clicked to proceed to the next page I used the command prompt (SHIFT+F10) to re-enter “ipconfig /release” to make sure I did not have a connection active at the moment it attempted to create a user account.

    Its clunky, but you should only have to do it once.


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