Microsoft just announced that Windows Server 2008 Server Core will be able to run IIS7 (Internet Information Server 7.0) as a server role. This isn't yet possible with Server Core Beta 3 which I am currently testing. It only supports typical Intranet roles like file server, DHCP, and Active Directory Services. Interestingly, Microsoft added this new role due to customers' demand.

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I raised doubts before that many sysops will embrace Server Core just for security reasons. Since the roles that were originally planned are not really security sensitive, it is not clear how much Server Core can improve security. The roles supported in Beta 3 are usually only accessed from the company network. Why should you give up the comfort of GUI administration on a system that isn't really endangered because it is behind your firewall, anyway?

I believe this announcement changes everything. It makes Server Core a very interesting product. The web server is certainly the most endangered system. It usually can be accessed from the Internet and it is the most visible server. You probably remember the countless security issues of IIS5. The security of IIS6 was greatly improved, and IIS7 will most likely be even more secure.

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However, secure web server software isn't enough. The underlying OS is certainly important, too. I think that many prefer Apache over IIS just because they can run it on a Linux box where they can remove all unnecessary services. That's why, I think, this move might indeed increase the market share for IIS.

  1. Scott McDermott 16 years ago

    It’s worth noting that this won’t support .NET at all, since there is no .NET framework in server core…

  2. Scott, you’re absolutely right. This is a major shortcoming of installing IIS on Server Core. Let’s see how long it will take until Server Core supports .NET, too. The PowerShell fans are already begging for it.

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