Infoweek reported about the new Netcraft data. Apache now hosts 48.4% and IIS 36.2%. Netcraft calculated that Microsoft might catch up with the Open Source web server in 2008 if IIS will continue to gain ground in this pace.

I always find it strange that even IT journalists speak about market shares when they refer to Netcraft's survey. I blogged about this issue before. It is quite obvious that Netcraft can't provide any interesting information about the market shares of web server software. I have just read now in the Infoweek article that the web hosting company Go Daddy moved to IIS in April 2006. In May 2006, the Netcraft curve shows a steep rise of the IIS share. This is no wonder considering that Go Daddy hosts 3.5 million domains. However, this rise has nothing to do with a change in market shares.

I have no doubt that Microsoft has been the market leader in web server software for a long time already. When it comes to market shares of web server software the only relevant figure is the number of installations and not the number of internet domains. However, it is interesting that Microsoft is even catching up now in this field. This is certainly due to the fact that more and more web hosting companies like Go Daddy are moving to IIS now.

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I think that this trend will continue when Windows Server 2008 with IIS7 comes out. It is has a couple of new features which are interesting for web hosting companies: centralized web farm configuration, delegated remote administration, FastCGI, FTP/SSL, PowerShell support, Server Core support etc.

  1. What is Apache? 15 years ago

    Netcraft data is unreliable. Lots of http headers are spoofed. What’s more, most IIS users have no idea what they are doing, they are simple Sheeple who use whatever Microsoft throws at them.

  2. I’d say this applies more to Apache users. In most cases they are private users who just take what their web hosting company “throws at them

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