How to share Wi-Fi in Windows 8 with Internet connection sharing (ICS)

This step-by- guide explains how to share your internet with Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) and turn a Windows 8 computer into a Wi-Fi hotspot.

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Michael Pietroforte is the founder and editor of 4sysops. He is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) with more than 30 years of experience in system administration.

Update: These posts could help with your WiFi problems:

Whenever I want to share an Internet connection through Wi-Fi and turn my Windows machine in Wi-FI access point, I find myself googling again because I somehow can’t memorize the procedure. Google is a great brain extension for people with a bad memory like me. However, in this case, it always leads to frustration because many guides about Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) are incomplete, describe the procedure in the wrong order, or confuse different Windows versions. I wonder if all those how-to bloggers out there just copy from one another or if anyone actually tried their Wi-Fi sharing step-by-step guide.

With Windows 8, things got worse. The forums are full of posts of frustrated users who just can’t connect to their Windows 8 Access Point. This is probably due to the fact that things are a bit different than in Windows 7, and many how-to bloggers just re-posted their old articles with a new heading. (I didn’t verify this and, as mentioned above, I only remember roughly how it worked in Windows 7.)

Anyway, next time I can just search on 4sysops and I will find an ICS guide for Windows 8 that works.

  1. Launch a command prompt with administrator privileges. (Type cmd on the Start Screen, right-click the icon, and click Run as Administrator.)
  2. Type netsh wlan show drivers and verify if Hosted network supported says Yes. If it says No, you are done. Your NIC doesn’t support Wi-Fi sharing.
    Hosted network supported
  3. Type netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=Hotspot key=12345678. (Note that you can replace “Hotspot” and the security key with your favorite settings.)
  4. Type netsh wlan start hostednetwork.
    netsh wlan start hostednetwork
  5. Open the Network and Sharing Center in the Control Panel. (Type Control Panel on the Start Screen and then Network in the Control Panel search box.) Then, click Change adapter settings.
    Change adapter settings
  6. Now comes the part that appears to be different in Windows 8 than in previous Windows versions. You will notice that a new network adapter appeared, called Local Area Network Connection, followed by a number that can be different from computer to computer. The device name is Microsoft Hosted Virtual Network Adapter. The ssid you used above (Hotspot in this guide) will appear under the name. If you see Identifying under its icon or just Enabled, be patient and wait until Hotspot (the ssid is used in step 3) appears.
    Microsoft Hosted Virtual Network Adapter
  7. Right-click the network adapter that is connected to the Internet and select Properties. (This can be an Ethernet adapter, a mobile network adapter, or your phone that is connected through USB. In this guide, it is my Samsung phone.)
    Internet Connection Sharing - Adapter connected to the Internet
  8. Click the Sharing tab and then enable Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection.
  9. In Windows 7, if I remember it right (correct me if I’m wrong), you would have selected the Wi-Fi adapter under Home Networking Connection. If you do this in Windows 8, you will be able to establish a Wi-Fi connection to your Windows 8 Access Point, but your client won’t receive an IP address through the Windows 8 DHCP server. Thus you have to select the Local Area Network Connection adapter I mentioned in step 6 as your Home Networking Connection.
    Allow other network users to connect through this computers internet connection

I find it quite amazing that it is so complicated to share an Internet connection through Wi-Fi in Windows 8. On the other hand, it took me a few seconds without any googling to find out how I can turn my Galaxy S3 Android phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot. No, Mr. Ballmer, you don’t need to be a computer scientist to use an Android phone. However, you have to be a DevOp for many basic Windows configuration tasks.

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309 Comments- Leave a Reply

  1. avatar sury says:

    It’s worked for me,,

    but after that I disable the network, and try to connect use
    “netsh wlan start hostednetwork”
    it say
    ” The hosted network couldn’t be started.
    The group or resource is not in the correct state to perform the request operation ”

    how to enabled it in commantprompt

  2. sury, I posted your question in the 4sysops forum.

  3. avatar Marco says:

    Great guide, but I have a problem. At the last point (9), I clicked on Wi-Fi by mistake (mouse batteries low…) and now I can’t change my selection, or neither write anything in the box. How could I solve it?

  4. avatar Sury says:

    I have solved it,
    go to device manager, network adapter,
    find “virtual wireless network” or something like that word
    just enable it.
    it’s done…

  5. sury, there are now some possible solutions for your problem in the forum.

    In short: If you use Windows 7 you might have to enable the virtual wifi adapter in the Device Manager. You should also ensure that Power Management is is enabled for the (physical) wifi adapter. Disabling and then enabling the network adapter sometimes help. A reboot often solves networking issues.

    Marco, you just have to disable “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection”, click OK. And then you do step 9 again.

  6. avatar Marco says:

    Yeah, it was easier than I thought -.-‘ Thanks a lot! 😀

  7. avatar CityLights says:

    What does your android phone have to do with anything? FYI, you wouldnt need to do any googling at all in order to share your internet connection from a windows phone. Its a feature already sitting right there in the settings. If you’re going to do a comparison with a phone, at least do it with another phone, not a PC OS.

  8. Android is no longer just a phone OS. It has become a direct competitor of Windows. At the moment this is only about the tablet market, but it is only a matter of time until Android will also be a major player in the PC market. However, my main point is independent of this argument. It was about Ballmer’s claim that you have to be a computer scientist to use Android. I think those wrong views of Microsoft’s top management are the reasons why Android and iOS could become competitors in the first place. Don’t get me wrong. I am still a Microsoft fan boy. That is why I still hope that Microsoft finds back to its old strength and creates intuitive to use operating systems.

  9. avatar metalrun says:

    thanks for sharing, it worked for me (using windows 8 ultimate edition). all i wanted to know how to reverse the process. i.e how to remove this hosted network?

  10. metalrun, you an stop the hosted network with netsh wlan stop hostednetwork.

  11. avatar BJ says:


    i run a proxy agent on my laptop and would like to share the connection i have that allows me to bypasss blocked sites on my phone, so far i am able to connect and browse using the steps you mentioned but id like to take it a step further to have the same acccess i have on my laptop. When i input the proxy and port my proxy agent gave me it gives me an error.

    Thanks in advance


  12. avatar Srikanth says:

    Hey i just did as you’ve explained i don’t know why, but sometimes i share it fine and some other times it says limited. Can you explain the reason for that. And can i save that text in to a batch file and run it as and when i require it rather than type the whole thing again and again after every restart?
    thanks much appreciated.

  13. Srikanth, yes you can use a batch file to run the commands. Difficult to say why the connection is sometimes limited. Perhaps the host is disconnected from the internet. You can check on the client with ipconfig on a command prompt if the IP was properly assigned. If so, the host is the problem.

  14. avatar RSH says:

    I followed your tutorial carefuly and encountered a problem.

    While I can connect to the hosted network with my android smartphone, it fails to pull its IP-Adress

    The TCP/IP4 settings on the created hosted network are set to “auto”.
    I get my internet connection through a WAN-Miniport adapter.

    My Internet is shared through the WAN-Miniport, but the hosted network adapter shows under IPv4-connectivity “no internet access”

    Help would be much appreciated! thanks

  15. RSH, this sounds as if you shared the internet connection of the wrong network adapter. You have to enable sharing on the adapter that is connected to the internet and then select the virtual network adapter that Windows 8 creates when you start the hosted network under Home Networking Connection. See step 9.

  16. avatar RSH says:

    Thank you for your quick answer.

    The shared connections are set up properly now, the virtual network adapter I created in step 3 now shows internet connectivity.

    Still, my Samsung Galaxy S4 appears to be unable to pull the IP of that network. I see it listed on my phone, I can connect and authenticate (no mismatched passwords), but at the IP stage it fails.

  17. That’s strange. What is the name of the adapter where you shared the internet connection? If you changed some settings you could try to stop the hostednetwork (netsh wlan stop hostednetwork) and then start it again. Rebooting the phone could also help. Then I would try to connect with a Windows machine just to be sure it is not an Android issuse

  18. avatar RSH says:

    I found the problem. I played around with two virtual router programs, namely Virtual Rooter Manager and Connectivity, and I forgot to deinstal one of them, causing some conflicts with the native windows adapter. Now everything works like a charm. Thanks again for your tutorial!

  19. avatar Don says:

    Does my windows 8 remain connected to my true wifi, and then the other PCs connect to the virtual wifi? All setup looks good, but the virtual wifi shows no internet connection?

  20. Yes, your Windows 8 machine remains connected. Does the virtual adapter show the ssid you configured?

  21. avatar Don says:

    Yes, on a 2nd pc, I saw it is an available wireless connection, entered the password, but it would not connect. Now, I disabled it, and can no longer find it ??

  22. Try to follow in the procedure again. The virtual adapter appears when you start the hostednetwork.

  23. avatar Don says:

    “the group or resource is not in the correct state to perform the requested operation”

  24. avatar Acim Malik says:

    Greatttt guide Micheal Pietroforte.. thanks for this amazing technique.. But sir i have a problem i followed all these steps and all went good hosted network is created all is done but the problem is that when i connect my Nokia to that hosted network it gets connected but not accesses internet. Please suggest me a good fix.
    Thanks :)

  25. Don, is the network adapter disabled? If not, maybe a reboot helps.

    Acim, please verify that you shared the correct network adapter.

  26. avatar Acim Malik says:

    Sir you mean to say that i should also share the new virtual hosted network adapter that i created through Command Prompt? (By going in that adapter’s properties and then under sharing tab)

  27. Acim, yes. Only share the virtual adapter.

  28. avatar john says:

    Does anyone know how to make this setting permanent?
    because every time i reboot the windows, it goes away and doing the same thing over and over is kinda annoying.

  29. John, copy the commands from 3. and 4. to a file with the extension .bat and then copy the file to your startup folder (type: WINkey+R, type: shell:startup).

  30. avatar BJ says:

    Connectify Me is a much better option, all in one program

  31. avatar Promisquis says:

    in have only one issue
    i am using my HTC Desire HD…
    i am seeeing the connection but it is askin for a password & i dont remember setting one
    need help Urgently….

  32. Promisquis, you have set the password in step 3. It the the “key”.

  33. avatar Promisquis says:

    i saw it after but up till now i havent yet got my pone to connect…
    but i will start all over thou…

  34. avatar 3iw says:

    thank you! it really work :)

  35. avatar mani prahalath says:

    still i’m encountering the same problem……the hosted network could not be established…. the group or resource is not in the correcrt state to perform this action,,,,,,,,,,, even in device manager i couldn’t find any virtual device,,,,… need some assistance..

  36. At which step number are you getting this error message?

  37. avatar mani prahalath says:

    ya.. now its gettin connected….. but pages are not loading……..

  38. mani, I guess you selected the wrong adapter under Home Networking Connection. See step 9.

  39. avatar nicky says:

    works like a charm :)

  40. avatar fahad says:

    Can anybody PLEASE send me the BATCH file that will do this thing just at one double-click!!!!
    my email:

  41. fahad, you just have to follow the procedure in the article once and then next time you boot up you only have to run the two commands below in a batch file:

    netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=Hotspot key=12345678 keyUsage=persistent
    netsh wlan start hostednetwork

    You might want to change password (key parameter).

    By the way, I wouldn’t post your email address in comments. You will get spam sooner or later.

  42. avatar john says:

    first of all, thank you for the help for making it as a .bat document to put it in startup. But as written on the steps it has to be run as an admin. I realize that when i couldnt make it run as admin in the startup folder. How can i fix it?
    thank you

  43. John, I think it will work without admin privileges.

  44. avatar john says:

    I can see it starts when i turn on my computer but it doesnt show up in Network sharing center. But when I go to the folder and run it as admin, it works..

  45. Oops of course you are right, the netsh commands require admin privileges. Things are a bit more complicated then. I will write a guide these days and then post the link here.

  46. avatar stanley says:

    “An error occured while Internet Connection Sharing was being enabled.” The specified service does not exist as an installed service.”. Would you help me, sir? :(

  47. avatar john says:

    Thank you for your support Michael !!

  48. john, you are welcome.

    stantely, can you check if the Internet Connection Sharing service and the Base Filtering Engine service is running (type WIN+R and then services.msc.) If you can’t start BFE, you might have malware on your computer that prevents this service from starting.

  49. John, I published a short guide of how to run the batch script with admin privileges in the forums.

  50. avatar sabih says:

    i followed the steps and my phone shows that wifi is connected but there is no internet access on my phone plzz help

  51. sabih, you probably selected the wrong home networking connection in step 9.

  52. avatar ferdinand says:

    sir,its is possible to change the authentication of this,since my PSP support only WEP and WPA..WP2 is not supported.,or can I set the security to OPEN?..thanks in advance..

  53. Ferdinand, I posted your question in the forum. I am afraid it is not possible to share WiFi using WEP on Windows 8, but let’s see if someone else knows more.

  54. avatar Tero says:

    Probably the easiest way to run the script elevated would be creating a scheduled task for it. Make it run as SYSTEM and trigger on startup.

  55. avatar mvthakar says:

    I having some problems…
    Everything was fine except connectivity.

    I shared Internet connection successfully, connected my phone and tried to open page which took forever to open….

    I can share Internet connection but can’t access the Internet through ANY connected device…

  56. avatar Rajat says:

    I am facing similar issue.

    I connect to internet through a Lan wire from a service provider “Triple play” on my windows 8 Dell laptop . I have applied the internet connection sharing on this network. This service provider need me to login every time on his particular webpage in order to browse internet. Only after login, I am able to access other websites on laptop.

    I am trying to connect my android phone to windows 8 laptop by creating a Virtual Router (Microsoft Hosted Network Virtual Adapter) on laptop. I have used to setup virtual router on my laptop. I am running Android Jelly beans on my mobile Micromax 110Q.

    As soon as I connect the android through wifi to this virtual router, phone is assigned the ip. I have done all the basic settings like “Allow other Network user to connect through this network” etc.

    After above steps, I am able to access the login page of my internet service provider on my phone. Also I am able to successfully login on on this webpage but I am not able to browse any other website. Ideally, once I login on this webpage on my laptop; I don’t need to login on my phone again for accessing internet. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    So how can I access all the websites on my phone.

    Thanks in advance for your valuable time and your help.

  57. Rajat, can you access the internet on your laptop after you logged in? Did you try to sign in with the browser on the laptop and then access the internet with the phone?

  58. avatar Rajat says:

    Dear Michael,

    Thanks for your response. Yes, I have tried it multiple times. So basically I login on this webpage on my win 8 laptop…

    Afterwards I am able to browse websites on my laptop. Ideally with all that connection sharing through virtual router; I should directly be able to access websites on my android phone. Somehow, I am not able to do so. I don’t understand that if I can open this webpage on my mobile and also able to login, then why cann’t I open any other page?

    Since my ISP is a very small local company so their support is almost nill. On calling, they bluntly replied that no you can’t use any virtual router on your laptop and you have to purchase router from us. They gave the reason that they have binded the ip on their side. I doubt that they have competent support and just for selling router they are giving this excuse.

    If I am trying to browse internet on my phone through virtual router, then the virtual router is assigning the private lan ip to my phone. So they should get the same public ip of my laptop and I should be able to surf net on my phone. Isn’t it?

    While searching the resolution on net, I found that many people have complained that it takes just one device to connect through virtual router. Is my laptop is that single device and not allowing my phone to connect. When I try from my phone, obviously they get different ip and block any further requests from my phone.

    I am confused, so in hope of your further help. In order to give more and more info, my post has become big. So sorry for that and thanks again for your help.


  59. Rajat, I never had such a problem. Can you access the internet with a second browser on the laptop? For instance, if you login with Internet Explorer, can you access the internet with Firefox without the need to sign in again? Maybe they work with cookies.

    I would try your configuration with another provider, for instance in a coffee shop. Just to be sure that it is really an issue with your provider and not with your configuration.

  60. Tero, thanks for the hint. I just posted guide of how to configure the Task Scheduler to share Wi-Fi at startup.

  61. avatar Rajat says:

    Dear Michael,

    Thanks again for your help. I’ll check if I could access from a different browser. Also I would wait for your response once you complete your further investigation.


  62. avatar Shivranjani says:

    I use windows 8 and use data card (or a dongle) .. when I tried these commands, I get the error,
    “The hosted network couldn’t be started.
    A device attached to the system is not functioning.”
    so can you please give me a solution

  63. avatar Florian says:

    I never thought it could be that simple to be honest – thanks so much! I had some problems running Connectify and similar programs on my machine thus I am more than happy to have found a really simple and clean solution like this.

    Really, thanks so much!

  64. avatar bokusama says:

    My Internet Connection Sharing dialog does not have the Home Networking Connection drop-down box. Can’t find a solution to that. All else is fine but then when connecting to the Hotspot the clients get limited connectivity. Anybody know a) if that is related and b) how to fix?

  65. avatar bokusama says:

    I haven’t figured it out entirely but I managed to get it to work. I connected a Wi-Fi USB dongle and by doing that I got the drop-down box to appear, or sometimes just a fixed option for the virtual network. I think if there are no choices but one it simply won’t display. Then I disabled my firewall (will need to figure out how to only enable the required port.) It works for now :-)

  66. avatar bokusama says:

    Obviously don’t feel comfortable disabling the Firewall. But apparently there is no good fix when it comes to McAfee. Even when specifying the specific IP as part of the home trust group, which seems to be the best answer out there, it does not work for me (those posts with the fix were a bit old.) McAfee support is apparently no good per those posts, but guess I’ll have to try. Not optimistic at all. If anyone knows the answer please help.

  67. avatar Nivin says:

    Dear Michael,

    [Using Windows 8]. The last step for Home Networking Connection , I get a disabled textbox rather than a dropdown box. And it shows “WiFi” , the wifi adapter. Is there any workaround with which i can change this ?

    Kindly help me out .
    Thanks in Advance

  68. Nivin, I guess something in the previous steps went wrong because you should be able to select the virtual adapter. Sometimes you have to wait a little until the virtual adapter appears (see step 6).

  69. avatar divad says:


    Thanks for the advice. I seem to have a similar problem to several people before me. I have followed the steps a few times, especially 9, I can see the WiFi network on my samsung galaxy, I can connect to it, I get an IP address but I cannot browse the internet on the galaxy. I have tried on two different laptops, with two different internet sources (a 3G dongle and the ethernet at work).

    At the moment I am connected to the ethernet cable at work. I have shared that connection in network connections and selected the home networking connection: Local Area connection* 14 which has my chosen ssid as it’s status. The conectivity status for both the Ethernet and The Local area connection*14 is “internet access”.

    I have restarted everything from scratch including doing a phone reboot.

    Please help

  70. divad, sounds as if you configured everything correctly. Hard to say what went wrong. I suggest that you try to connect to your hotspot with another device, just to ensure that your phone doesn’t have a problem.

  71. avatar piyush says:

    having problems in obtaining IP adress

  72. avatar sahil says:

    I am facing problem in the last step 9
    Unable to find drag drop list under : HOME NETWORKING CONNECTION
    so that i can select LocalAreaConnection*13

  73. avatar sahil says:

    Problem Solved out by some other method

    Scenario : wired connection on one laptop
    Planning: is to make it hot spot and use internet on other laptop and phone

    Solution: Download a very simple app virtual router

    Install app

    Then, open the app

    Dialog box appears with three fields:
    fill username, password and select the Connection on which u r getting wired internet connection

    Good to go

    How to connect:
    On another laptop, open wireless connection
    Click on the connection with username just created above in “virtual router app”
    It will get connected
    If unable to browse internet,
    solution: click on wireless icon at right bottom on laptop
    click details
    select general tab
    Double click on TCP/IP
    Select option: obtail ip address automatically
    It will work out .. :)

    Njoy ..

  74. avatar Aly says:

    I too am only getting a text box , not the drop down menu that allows you to select another option. The connections show up in the Network Connections, but under the sharing tab, I am unable to select the Local Area Connection* 13. Everything else worked just fine up to this point. My tablet is picking up the signal, but stops at ‘obtaining IP’.

  75. If you don’t see drop down menu, Windows probably did’t start the Microsoft Hosted Virtual Network adapter. Did you get an error message in step 4? Can you see the virtual adapter in step 6?

  76. avatar Vinod says:

    Dear Michael

    Thanks for the detailed steps. Everything done as per these steps, both Internet and the hosted network are showing Access type as internet access, other guest devices are connected to the hosted network. None of the devices are able to access internet. I have tried all possible methods, disabled antivirus and firewall.
    Tried ‘Virtual router plus’. I was not able to get internet access to other devices.
    OS: Windows 8, Windows Firewall enabled
    Antivirus: Trend Micro
    Internet: USB modem (ICS enabled for the hosted network).
    Any suggestions for resolving this issue would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  77. If your devices is connected but you can’t get internet access, the first thing to check is if your device received an IP address through the DHCP server. On a Windows machine, you can launch a command prompt and then enter ipconfig. On an Android device you, have to open the Wifi settings, then hit the Menu button of your phone and select Advanced Settings. The IP adress should start with 192. If your device has an IP address and you can’t connect, then it might be a Firewall issue or perhaps another security software on your host. If your device didn’t get an IP adress, you should verify that you configured everything correctly in step 9. Note that the setup is different for Windows 7 and Windows 8.

  78. avatar Vinod says:

    I am getting ip address, things are all looking correct. The issue is that the internet is not coming. If everything is ideal, above steps will give output. Just wanted to know if in your expertise if there is something else to be checked. I had already mentioned that i checked but disabling firewall as well as antivirus. Anyway thanks for the above reply. From the above comments and Microsoft technet forums, I have understood that i am not the only person facing this issue. I have searched the net and could not find a proper solution for this issue.

  79. avatar Behrooz says:

    Hi Michael,
    My problem is cannot share internet in windows 8, i don’t know why, every thing seems right.
    my mainborad have 2 lan, one connected to internet, other one connected to a wireless router.
    connect to internet with pppoe connection. i want connect my laptop via wireless router to internet. i have ping from pc to laptop. i have shared connection via lan that connetcted to wireless router. in win xp and 7 i can share internet easily but in win 8 can’t.
    i search internet but i can not solve the problem…..!!!!

  80. Vinod, what are the IP addresses of the virtual adapter on the host and the wifi adapter on your client?

    Behrooz, are you aware of the difference of ICS in Windows 7 and Windows 8?

  81. avatar Behrooz says:

    Hi Michael… :)
    now every thing is ok!!! internet is shared…. i don’t know how and why?! 😀
    just change something in home group setting and change DNS server on client…. set and
    now my laptop connected to wireless router…
    thanks…. 😀

  82. Interesting! The host is supposed to forward the DNS IP. It appears cases exist where this is not working.

  83. avatar MANIJAN says:

    i shared my internet connection using virtual router plus, it shows internet access for both broadband connection and virtual router plus adapter but still doesn’t open websites in connected devices,

  84. avatar Ashwin says:

    Hi Michael,

    I followed your steps and configured “Hotspot”. I can see that in network connection. I have a mobile internet connection on my laptop and I have selected it to be shared via “Hotspot”. I can see “Hotspot” in my WiFi list on my smart phone. I tried to connect it with the key while creating the Hotspot. It shows me on the mobile that the WiFi is connected but I cant browse anything on my mobile as every page times out. What shall I do?


  85. Ashwin, since other readers had problems with mobile internet connections, it is possible that WIFI sharing doesn’t work with some mobile providers. However, more likely is that you didn’t follow the instructions correctly. Being able to connect without internet access usually means that you shared the wrong network adapter.

  86. avatar Ashwin says:

    Thanks Michael. I can see in the properties that the Hotspot is connected to internet over IPv4.
    My smartphone also detects the Hotspot and when I enter the pwd, it connects to it and displays the status as connected and the ip address. I can also see traffic looking at the properties of Hotspot in windows, sent and receive is growing. However, smartphone does not show any page not even google default search page. What could be the reason, any suggesstions?


  87. Ashwhin, hard to say what your problem is. In most cases like this the wrong adapters have been shared. Most people do it like in Windows 7 and this only gets you connected but you can’t access the internet. To rule out that your mobile provider software is the reason, you can try another internet connection, for instance WIFI in a coffee shop and see if you can get it working there. Make sure that you fully understand the instructions in the article.

  88. avatar Alnoor says:

    Great post! Thanks.

  89. avatar Anurag Tiwari says:

    After typing netsh wlan start hostednetwork it says hosted network coudn’t start The parameter is incorrect

  90. avatar Di says:

    Dear Michael, thanks so much for your easy to follow and detailed instructions. I too am only getting a text box , not the drop down menu that allows you to select another option. The connections show up in the Network Connections, but under the sharing tab, I am unable to select the Local Area Connection* 13. Everything else worked just fine up to this point. My tablet is picking up the signal, but stops at ‘obtaining IP’. There were no error messages in step 4 though, and the virtual hosted network adapter is showing in step 6. Any ideas? Thanks so much

  91. avatar Tim says:

    Great page, so grateful, all worked beautifully and my ipad see the network but when I type in the password it comes up unable to connect, I don’t know if it is just this wont work with an apple machine or that I typed the password in wrong when I did step 3 (key bit, I assume that is the password). How do I check/change the password I put in, and any advice on if this would work to give internet to an ipad? Thank you very much.

  92. Tim, yes the key parameter in step 3 is the WIFI password and it should also work with an iPad. You could try to restart the Windows machine and the iPad and see if it works then. To change the password, you just have to run the command again. Try to connect with another device to see if it is a problem with your iPad.

  93. Anurag , this could be an issue with the driver of your network adapter. You could try to install the latest driver version. Updating to Windows 8.1 could also be a possible solution.

    Di, are you sure that you selected the adapter that is connected to the internet?

  94. avatar Joyel says:

    Local Area Created But 3 problems arrived in my Laptop (OS is Windows 8)
    1. IPv4 @ 6 shows No Internet access…
    2. Activity shows Sent 1800.. Received 0…
    3. In my mobile shows Obtaining IP Address….

    Please give me solution..
    Thanks & Regards.
    Joyel V

  95. Joyel, which adapter has no internet access?

  96. avatar ryan says:

    “Cannot enable shared access. Error 765 ICS cannot be enabled. A LAN connection is already configured with the IP address that is required for automatic IP addressing.

    what would i do?i cannot share my internet to local area connection or wifi hotspot…
    Thanks for any help!

  97. avatar Jacky says:

    To be honest, is it a bug? Will it harm my laptop? Reason i ask this question because i’ve downloaded a software which has the function to create ad hoc network called Virtual Router Plus. Its work perfectly in the first few days but, my window crashed after a few days i used the software. Here comes the last question, do i need to stop it when i’m not using it?( I mean the hosted network)

  98. Jacky, it probably won’t harm your hardware but system crashes can cause software problems. You can try to uninstall Virtual Router and then reinstall it. You don’t need to stop the hosted network but you can for security reasons or to save power. Whenever you reboot the hosted network will be stopped.

  99. ryan, check the properties of the LAN adapter and see if an IP address was set manually. If so, set it to automatic.

  100. avatar Sumedh says:


    Thanks for above information.
    Now Im facing strange problem. Im able to connect to win8 hostednetwork from android but internet is not working on mobile while internet works fine on win8.
    Does anybody knows the solution?

  101. avatar Gerard bulger says:

    DCHP Error?

    I have sharing working as per this setup, but alas Windows 8 seems to do something stupid and offer DCHP services on the other WAN side. I am sharing my internet connection with my phone wirelessly and it works very well. . The phone is connected wireless correctly to the created wifi virtual adapter, and is offered an IP address on this wireless LAN side The 2nd Wifi connection created has IP

    Alas it seems the setting up internet sharing on the ethernet adapter also offers DCHP on the ethernet hard wired connected WAN side much to the frustration of the local admin here, making me blush with embarrassment. It was dishing out the local IP address for the new wifi network 192.168.137 series.across all connections! You would of thought it would only to this on the LAN side.

    Can I stop this, Killing DCHP would be fine and fixing the IP address would be easier. But I cannot see the process that is the DCHP server in this setup.

    Anyone else had this? You would need an upset system admin complaining that there is a DCHP server on his network competing with his!


  102. Gerry, I somehow think that you didn’t configure Windows 8 correctly. Can you clarify which network adapter on which device is connected to the internet and to which device you want to share this internet connection.

  103. avatar Gerard bulger says:

    You are right. I was blaming this but there was a background process from Softethervpn which is incorrectly dishing out IP addresses BEFORE anyone logs into the VPN server. Stopping that service cured the problem when connecting with WIFI. You can delete these posts as it is not a wifi sharing issue at all.

  104. avatar ramaraju says:

    i created created the hotspot. And i found wife in my iphone and connected successfully and shows good signal but i am unable to open internet in my iphone please give solution anybody

  105. Gerard, no reason to delete your posts. You are not the only one has these WIFI sharing problems because of third party software.

  106. avatar Gerard bulger says:

    I found that not using DCHP on the phone.. Somewhere in settings you can
    fixing the IP address to the same subnet and of course using the PCs wireless virtual connection’s IP as gateway, and DNS. That fixed it for me.


    ramaraju says:
    October 30, 2013 at 6:07 am

    i created created the hotspot. And i found wife in my iphone and connected successfully and shows good signal but i am unable to open internet in my iphone please give solution anybody.

  107. avatar tikam says:

    thanks you sir ,.. it’s working ..
    okk.. i’m explening.. what if the sharing tab not opening.. ?? homegroup.. select all networks..
    2.choose media streaming options..
    3. in media streaming options .. you will se all the devices .. allow your device or allow all ..
    i hope it will works for those tab is not opening…. :)
    and great thank to MR. Michael Pietroforte.. thanks

  108. avatar Nev says:

    Hi, sir Michael, the procedure that you have posted about ICS via wifi on Windows 8 was successful and is pretty awsome as it works without any 3rd party software…..I use the shared wifi on my android phone..But some how after few minutes the wifi on my android goes off and then re-connects again, i don’t know how this happens, i did as you had explained..Plz HelP….

  109. avatar Chaitanya says:

    “netsh wlan start hostednetwork”
    it say
    ” The hosted network couldn’t be started.
    The group or resource is not in the correct state to perform the request operation ” this is my worked for me once and after i restarted my system it’s not working :(
    i toggled some security settings and enable wpa2 and deleted the created hotspot in connections how to again make it kicking?

  110. avatar Chaitanya says:

    i resolved my issue for another one. i am not able to see the drop down box in step 9.only wi-fi option is available and i m not able to change it

  111. Chaitanya, you could try this . Another reason could be that you didn’t wait long enough after you started the hosted network.

  112. avatar Subramanian says:

    But Sir my computer not working … me sir…..i type command prompt in that code but my computer displayed in the hosted network couldn’t de started. the group or resource is not in the correct state to perform the request operation

  113. avatar Indrajith G says:

    im getting error while sharing internet. the error is “An error occurred while internet connection sharing was enabled”. plz help me

  114. avatar Ashish says:

    Hi Michael,

    I have followed the steps that you have provided above to turn my windows 8 laptop into a WiFi Hotspot but unable to get an IP address on my samsung phone. Kindly check the following link which I have posted on MS technet to get an answer but did not get any in last 3 days.

    Kindly help with the same.

  115. avatar bono says:

    connected to my phone, but my phone still can’t connect to the internet, I’ve followed everything written above

  116. avatar fredrick roswold says:

    Following your steps I had the following snag trying to set up ICS on my Win8 Dell laptop: At step 9, the only Home Network Connection (on the sharing tab of properties for the Local Network Connection adapter) shown is WiFi. My Local Area Connection* 13, which has my Hotspot, is not listed.

    The other WiFi devices in my home now see the Hotspot, but never get past the “Acquiring” stage, or they put up other messages such as “Saved, Secured” but then “not in range” or “authentication error”.

    Any ideas or assistance would be appreciated.

  117. avatar ferdie says:

    I am Having an Error Message that says:
    The hosted network couldn’t be started.
    A device attached to the system is not functioning.

    What do I need to do?I tried downloading the PCI driver but whenever I install it it;s telling me that its not compatible with my device. I do have Presariocq42 Win8 32bit.

  118. avatar manoj says:

    thanks for upload..

  119. avatar harry says:

    plz help iam using my ethernet as my defalt internet . the steps above all i done but i cant access to internet everytime iam using to connect internet wit my mobile it says authentication error ! i tried other mobiles too same error . i saw that in this step you are not using the ethernet plz say how did i fix this

  120. harry, authentication error means that you entered the wrong password on your mobile device. The password is configured in step 3 of the guide (12345678 in this example). Tap the WiFi connection on your mobile device and then tap “forget”. When you connect again, you have to enter the correct password.

  121. avatar harry says:

    nop sir i done it several times using the correct password still i have the same error i cant access to internet :( after that i installed the sw Connectify and i gave the same name and password to it . it was success first i connected my phone using its worked fine then i lost the connection after i tried to connect again i got the same authentication error :( but i used to connect my dad”s phone its working in his phone no problem at all . iam using samsung galaxy note 2 . i dad too have a android phone ! help me plzzz

  122. harry, perhaps you entered the wrong password on the host. I recommend starting from scratch.

  123. avatar harry says:

    so what should i do now ? how can i change that ? plz explain how to do it

  124. avatar Kartikeya Bhargava says:

    Hi, i followed the steps correctly. I could detect the wifi hotspot on my WP8 and i am connected to the hotspot. But, i could not surf the net. I am sharing a Tata Photon connection. I can access the net on my computer with the connection. But not on my phone. What could be the problem?

  125. harry, on your phone long tap the WiFI network and select “Forget Network”, then restart the Windows 8 machine and follow the guide in this post again. Ensure that you understand in every step what you are doing. If you select the wrong adapter in just one of the steps, it won’t work.

  126. avatar Matthew.J says:

    HI, everything went well, but Is it possible to connect My PS3 to the hotspot………………… Because I tried it – and did a Internet connection Test – It obtained the IP Address – but the Internet Connection Failed -and at the bottom it states – ( The connection to the server timed out. (80710092). )

  127. avatar The_MB says:

    I created hosted network, and shared my PPPOE connection with my phone, it works for a while and then phone can’t get IP adress … 😛
    I’m using windows 8.1
    How to fix this?
    TNX! :)

  128. The_MB, did you try to restart Windows?

  129. avatar Vinod says:

    Michael Pietroforte says:
    October 4, 2013 at 6:09 pm
    Vinod, what are the IP addresses of the virtual adapter on the host and the wifi adapter on your client?

    Behrooz, are you aware of the difference of ICS in Windows 7 and Windows 8?
    I use a USB modem for sharing internet. IP address changes each time I connect to the internet. The virtual adapter has ip address I understand the process of creation of hotspot as I did a lot of research in the internet. With my level of understanding I have tried all possible trouble shooting techniques. Please don’t think that I did some mistake in enabling the hotspot. It is done correctly. What I expected from your side is a help to trouble shoot this issue, because you seemed to have experience in this field. But I could not see a solid piece of advice in this forum to trouble shoot the issue. I do not have any problem in sharing internet using the same USB modem with same method in Windows 7. What I understood is that this is a general issue with Windows 8 and if you search for this issue, there are so many forums on this, but there is no solution. Thanks.

  130. avatar Dustin says:

    Great article! Thanks for writing it. Two notes:

    When I followed the instructions, the system asked me if I wanted a persistent keyusage. I had to type in:
    netsh wlan set hostednetwork keyUsage=persistent

    Second, when I DIDN’T follow instructions, like many people here, I got stuck. I screwed up step 9, and chose “WiFi” instead of “Local Area Connection”. Now, every time I start up the hostednetwork, I can only choose WiFi in the box. How can I reset this and start from scratch?

  131. avatar The_MB says:

    Yes, but nozhing…
    I had connectify hotspot on W8 and it worked great, but on W8.1 my PC just restarts… 😛

  132. Vinod, there are countless possible reasons why you can’t connect to your Windows WiFi. Your phone is broken, your WiFi adapter is broken, you installed software that interferes, your USB modem doesn’t support WiFi sharing etc. I can’t diagnose this from here. However, in the vast majority of cases people just think that they followed the instructions correctly. It happened several times to me.

    Dustin, what Windows version are you using? Maybe this is your problem.

    The_MB, this sounds strange. After which command does your Windows 8.1 computer restart?

  133. avatar Vinod says:

    @Dustin, please uncheck the check box “Allow other network users to connect through this computers internet connection” click OK. Then try step 9 again, you should get a dropdown of active networks for sharing.

  134. avatar Vinod says:

    Yes Michael, you are absolutely right, there are countless possibilities for this issue. Let me give some more details on this.
    Your phone is broken – No, I am able to connect to Wifi hotspot created in a Windows 7 machine using same method with my phones and Ipad.
    Wifi adapter is broken – No, it connects to other wifi networks. And hosted network support exists as per the command ‘netsh wlan show drivers’.
    Your USB modem doesn’t support WiFi sharing – I am able to share in Windows 7 machine.
    I used a program called CCProxy as a proxy server for the hostednetwork, based on some post on this issue. It uses 808 as http port. Then I changed the settings in phone and ipad and internet started working in both. The ‘Apple store’ was working and I could browse in Safari too. Apps like Whatsapp, Viber, Facetime etc still didn’t work, games didn’t work. Same was the situation in my Windows phone also. So my observation is that, by default some or most of the ports are blocked in the Windows 8 machine. So other devices are not able to send or receive data without proxy. CCProxy set the port 808 to listen, but not all protocols were allowed. Port 80 is not present netstat command output. I believe port 80 should be in listening mode (I am not sure). Now with my limited knowledge, I am not able to proceed further. Please see if you can figure out anything with your expertise, based on this observation. It would be helpful for a lot of people with this issue.
    If you feel that we can take this discussion offline, please send me a mail to the id which I used for commenting. Your help is highly appreciated.

  135. Vinod, I don’t know CCProxy. Perhaps if you uninstall the program, it solves your problem.

  136. avatar Dustin says:


    I’m running Windows 8.1.


    I’m going to have to go back even further. I tried to run diagnostics on the virtual network, and now when I try to start I get an error: The hosted network couldn’t be started. The group or resource is not in the correct state to perform the requested operation.

    Part of me wants to uninstall and reinstall the driver. But I have no idea where to get the driver from. I’ll look into it.

    As for your question, I know that some games on the iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch that require connection to their server in order to play have placed pretty harsh restrictions on running their games through proxy servers, for the explicit reason that people have spoofed the server and purchased in-game currency without actually buying anything. Perhaps this is part of your problem.

  137. avatar Susant says:

    Sir, i am using Windows 8 and my college wifi connection. I followed the process mentioned above. My hotspot is created. But i cant use it. because when i am trying to connect the hotspot with another computer, it is asking the Network security key. What is it? I tried with the user authentication ID and password which is given by the college but i cannot share my internet connection with another system. What should i do?

  138. avatar The_MB says:

    PC is not restarting after command…
    When I start connectify, after some time PC restarts …
    Or when i try to use utorrent or just try to browse internet… 😛
    On W8, everything worked fine, but after update to W8.1… 😛

  139. avatar Vinod says:

    Michael Pietroforte says:
    December 5, 2013 at 1:30 am

    Vinod, I don’t know CCProxy. Perhaps if you uninstall the program, it solves your problem.

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Hi Michael,
    That will not solve anything. This issue existed even before CCProxy was installed. I know the last resort is to reinstall Windows. If I was hopeful that it would resolve this issue, I would have done that long back. Thanks anyways. I will not be asking any more questions.

  140. avatar prachi garg says:


  141. avatar adminal says:

    Am connected to the hostednetwork that i create on my windows 8 pc , but i have a problem why this connection doesnt start on startup , every time that i power on my pc i shold give this comand “netsh wlan start hostednetwork” how to make my pc to rember this comand ?

  142. avatar Mcfish says:

    It didn’t work.. i’m new to this so i tried to set it up but didn’t work well.. :(

  143. avatar Gerard bulger says:

    Are there any commands we can use with netsh wlan to force a particulary channel or more important to make the new connection SSID invisible? I have not found any.


  144. avatar KnightRider says:

    Thanx man it works……It does creates the hotspot but the signal strength is too weak…. Is there any way to increase the signal strength……

  145. KnightRider, you can use a WiFi repeater.

  146. avatar jorry says:

    please am having some difficulty after i typed the command>>>>>>>netsh wlan start hostednetwork….

    whatam getting as a reply is the hosted network couldnt be started the group of resource is not in the correct state to perform the requested operation>>>>>>>>>>>plz help

  147. avatar Andy says:

    I’ve got to step 9 where I can select my Home Networking connection, but theres no option to select the new Local Area connection. I’ve tried restarting and clicking/unclicking the box and applying that change but theres still no option to select it. Whats my next step? My other devices recognize my network but are unable to access it.

  148. Andy, what message did you get after the netsh wlan start hostednetwork command?

  149. avatar Muhammed says:

    Mr.Michael, first of all god bless you for your time and effort. I did all of the steps above many many times and it worked just fine, and then i connect to the shared wifi with my iphone and it connects just fine but there’s no internet connection. I also tried virtual router manager, at first there was some issue with it i don’t know what it was but it suddenly started to work but the same problem exists. I connect to it normally with my iphone but no internet conncetion, whenever i brows a web it takes forever and says “the server stopped responding”. Thanks for you time.

  150. avatar niks says:


    Thanks for this great guide. Had successfully created a wifi but my device cant connect. As in step 9 the device under LAN does not have any dropbox as shown and only defaulted on “Wi-FI” as selected parameter (cannot be edited) as in the case of Andy.

    Everything in CMD seems to be the same as the guide.

    Any possible solutions please? Thank you again!


  151. Muhammed, make sure to uninstall all third-party software that affects network settings.

  152. avatar Muhammed says:

    Mr.Michael, thanks for your quick reply. I uninstalled all third-party software, the same problem exists.
    I really need this to work. :(

  153. avatar sirisha says:

    Am getting this error “an error occurred while internet connection sharing was being enabled” in windows 8 while trying to enable the sharing option of ethernet.
    Previously it used to work bt now it aint working anymore…
    Moreover when i use d command “netsh wlan start hostednetwork” in command prompt (admin) its showing that the hostednetowrk couldn’t be started, the group or resource is nt in the correct state to perfomr the required operation..i need a soln

  154. Muhammed, sorry, I don’t know what causes your problem.

    sirisha, try this.

  155. avatar noahbody says:

    I’m trying to connect an offline desktop to an online laptop. The laptop is connected to a wifi router in another room. I went through all the steps. When I was done, it said ‘cannot get IP address’ (for the desktop). Why?

    Steps 1 & 2 went smoothly.

    Step 3: I don’t have a network called ‘Hotspot’. So once I realized ‘Hotspot’ is only meant as an example, I changed the CMD entry to the actual network I want to connect. I called it ‘Ethernet’, because that’s what it calls itself on the first line. The 2nd line says ‘Unidentified network’ and the 3rd line says Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller. I also tried calling it ‘Unidentified network’ in the CMD line.

    Steps 4 & 5 seemed to work.

    Step 6: Your instructions say the new Local Area Connecton will call itself Hotspot. But it doesn’t on mine. It calls itself ‘Network cable unplugged’ on the 2nd line and on the 3rd line it’s called TAP-Win32 Adapter V9.
    It did say ‘Identifying’ when I did this, so I waited like it says in the instructions, but nothing ever got ‘identified’.

    Step 7: I looked for a ‘Properties’ tab on the laptop connection that is connected to the Wifi, but there wasn’t one. So I tried to change the Properties on the Ethernet and the Local Area Connection connections, but they didn’t do anything. I lost my internet connection because of that. Several commenters here have complained that the settings go back to factory settings when you boot the computer, so I booted it to start over. But the settings didn’t go back to normal. So I don’t know what they’re talking about. I eventually got the internet back after changing some things.

    Step 8: I did manage to change the laptop connection to say ‘share with other computers’, but that doesn’t mean it worked. The other computer doesn’t have an IP address so isn’t connected.

    Step 9: Like I said, I selected the Local Area Connection as my Home Networking Connection, but it has no IP.

    I’ve followed all the instructions to the best of my ability, I’ve spent hours on this, and it doesn’t work. I have no idea how to make these other connections acquire an IP address. Can you explain what else I’m supposed to do, or what is supposed to be done differently?

  156. noahbody, I think you first have to get step 3 right before we have look at the other problems. You can choose whatever ssid you like. It has nothing to do with the names of other network adapters in your computer. You can name it “noahbody” if you want. Only if the noahbody adapter appears, did you master this step.

  157. avatar ravi says:

    shows error 1061 : the service cannot recieve control messages at this time
    when tried to share internet connection in the last step (9th step)

  158. ravi, sounds as if you just have to wait a little until the virtual network adapter is ready.

  159. avatar ashish says:

    error 1061 – the service cannot accept control message this time………………….now what to do????? kindly help urgent

  160. avatar Richard says:

    My iPhone and iPad see’s the hosted network, but can’t connect to it. I get the error “Unable to join ‘SSID’ “Please help!! and other device joins but no internet access.

  161. ravi, ashish, check if the WLAN AutoConfig service is running: WINkey + R and then type services.msc.

    Richard, no internet access usually means that you mixed up the network adapters.

  162. avatar Mohamed Badr says:

    I am connecting via usb stick. I made the hosted network and followed the steps you listed above, but my android phone still have limited connectivity with that yellow triangle…any ideas?

  163. Mohamed, the software that comes with USB sticks sometimes interferes with WiFi sharing. I would try it first with a normal WiFI or LAN connection, so you know that you followed the procedure correctly.

    For all who have of problems with sharing WiFi on Windows 8.1, you can try to disable the Windows Firewall, connect to the shared WiFi and then enable the firewall again. This worked for me.

  164. avatar Mohamed Badr says:

    first of all thank you for your help.
    I followed the procedure correctly, and disabled the firewall and connected to the hosted network and then enabled it again. (the yellow triangle disappeared and full signal but no connection) I am using windows 8.1 and as i said earlier a USB stick

  165. Mohamed,my guess is that you shared the wrong network adapter. You have to share the USB network adapter in step 7.

  166. avatar alvinsloan says:

    my internet on the host computer has been successfully shared. but my the devices connected to the network only get limited connectivity. while internet is full functional on the host computer.
    thanks in advance

  167. avatar Brianna Crockett says:

    Hi, I am currently in college and am on college internet(I don’t know if this has any effect but in case it does I wanted to share this.) Once I get to sharing the ethernet cable connection i dont have the option to share it with my new virtual connection, only wifi. How do I fix this?

  168. avatar zakon says:

    in step 9: i did mistake in disabling the local area connection 13. i tried another connection i couldn’t browse the internet, also inserted a modern to try to connect it with my phone. it all turn out to be that my phone couldn’t see the new network initialize. is there anyway i could restore the local area connection and how i can connect with my phone. thanks

  169. yakon, you can enable network adapters by right-clicking its icon. If you can connect with other machines than with your phone, then maybe your phone has a problem.

  170. avatar Zakon says:

    i can’t connect with another computer nor any other phone, also the network adapter is enabled but local area connection has been disabled and the icon cannot be found. is there a way i can restore it also solution prior to the ones mention earlier?

  171. avatar Shammi says:

    I successfully completed all the mentioned 9 steps with any issue. Even my hotspot name is also coming in my lumia 900 wifi. But after giving my password (i.e. Key=12345678), I’m getting “Connection un-sucessfull”. Any hep is appreciable.

  172. It’s worked for me,,
    but after that I disable the network, and try to connect use
    “netsh wlan start hostednetwork”
    it say
    ”A device atteched to the system is not functioning” .

  173. avatar Emilio says:

    Genius! It worked like a charm for me! Thanks!!!!!

  174. avatar puya says:

    I did all the steps carefully and accurate. checked it again over and over. my mobile device has the wifi signal. but no internet is coming in to it! i restarted my computer and also my mobile, but nothing changed. I tried it from another mobile device but the same problem.
    In past it was working in my previous windows 8. I re-installed my windows 8 and in this new one, it didnt work. I checked my firewall settings but it was ok. for now I have the signals, but no internet is coming from my computer. I hope you can help!

  175. Emilio, thanks!

    puya, try to disable the firewall and check if it works. If it does, you can enable the firewall again. Make sure that you have no other networking or security software installed that could interfere.

  176. avatar puya says:

    Thank you. I found the problem. It was my antivirus’s. Thanks Mr. Pietroforte!

  177. avatar Harsh Kumar says:

    i have problem when i share my network it give me error msg cannot enable shared access
    error:765 internet connection sharing cannot be enable.A LAN connection is already configured with the IP address that is required for automatic IP addressing

  178. Harsh, check the IPv4 settings of the LAN adapter.Set everything to automatic. If you don’t need the LAN adapter, just disable it (right click).

  179. avatar Harsh Kumar says:

    hello sir i have done it automatically in IPv4 but i have getting same error it cannot share why?

  180. avatar Akshay Jain says:

    Worked perfectly! thanks a ton Michael!

  181. avatar nikhil says:

    i have created virtual hotspot successfully but after some time it automatically gets turn off i cant see it in list of available wifi anymore ….plz help

  182. avatar Sri says:

    I did the same following your steps, am able to connect to the network which I created in the windows 8 through my Android phone, but am unable to browse internet and it doesn’t throw any error messages. Could you please help me to resolve this issue. Thanks in advance.

  183. avatar July says:

    I followed your procedure but once I put the password on my phone all the bars go up but I cant access the internet. I get internet through a modem and I have windows 8. Please help…

  184. avatar Soaring Eagle says:

    Is the wi-fi range the same as a router?

  185. avatar Richard says:

    For those having trouble accessing the internet, check the DNS settings on the connecting device (iphone, ipad, handset, whatever). So for an Ipad for instance, go through the procedure as described and ensure you are getting an IP number from the windows 8 machine for your device. You can check this by going to settings on the IPad, clicking the i button to drill into the settings for the hotspot connection and checking the ipad address under dhcp.

    If you have successfully connected to the Win8 machine and you have an IP address in the settings but you still cant surf the net then also check the DNS seetings assigned by the Win8 DHCP server. This will be just below the IP address>subnet mask>router>dns.

    If the ipv4 DNS address is the same as the router then that is likely your issue. Its not that you cant connect to the internet but that your domains are not being resolved. i.e. is not being resolved to googles servers. This is because your win 8 machine is not actually a DNS server so it doesn;t resolve the addresses.

    So quite simply change the DNS address to use an actual DNS server IP for instance is Googles Open DNS server.

  186. avatar anand says:

    when i typed “netsh wlan start hostednetwork” i got “the hosted network couldn’t be started ..the group or resource is not the the correct state to perform the requested operation…please help me

  187. anand, we covered this issue in the forum.

  188. avatar anand says:

    Thank you, it worked out well. but still i’m not able to access net in my phone through wifi shared by pc.
    my phone shows ” connecting to ip address” and no further actions. it does not get connected. hope you’ll help me.

  189. avatar anand says:

    i just have the options wifi and ethernet. i cant find local area connection 14 in properties/sharing/select a private network connection.

  190. avatar Sushant says:

    Sir , everything is fine without a single error, I did what you mentioned. Even mobile can see the Hotspot and connects, but On computer access is showing internet and in phone nothing is happening ??

    Its connected , shared but no internet.

    What could be the reason??

  191. avatar Richard Worthington says:

    It took 10 times longer to find your only really complete solution to the Windows 8.1 virtual hostednetwork connection question on the Web that to actually answer the questions in the correct order. Perhaps Google needs to raise your profile to the top of the list so we don’t make so many errors…

  192. Richard, thanks!

    To all others for whom the description didn’t work. Please read the comments above. I already answered all questions.

  193. avatar Petrambijus says:

    If it says “obtaining IP address” forever or loops on that – change ip from automatic to and mask to For me it helped.
    But there is another bigger problem – when cheap wifi adapter gets many connections it freezes computer completely. Cant find solution for that.

  194. Petrambijus, go to the homepage of the PC vendor and download the latest driver of your Wi-Fi adapter.

  195. avatar Ash says:

    It’s worked for me for a while now, but it has affected my Internet connection a lot. If I ever unplug my LAN cable and put it back in after a long time, or restart my computer and try to use the internet, it says ‘Identifying,shared’ under the icon in the network connections window. Today I was totally unable to connect to the internet, and only when I reversed the settings changed you gave did it start working again. Do advise as I really find sharing my connection useful.

  196. avatar atul says:

    sir i have done all the step but i m still not able to connect through mobile it ask for password
    please tell me sir where is password……

  197. avatar Will says:

    I’ve read this thread carefully but either with VirtualRouter or manually with your commands (basically the same thing, creating a wi-fi hotspot) I get the same error as 3 persons already posted and you never replied to them:
    “The hosted network couldn’t be started.
    A device attached to the system is not functioning.”
    Do you have any clue why this happens?? I’ve checked and my wi-fi card supports wi-fi sharing, says Yes on Hosted Network Supported.
    Any1 had same problem and got to fix it?
    I need help on this issue please.

  198. Will, I already replied to this question. We covered the network couldn’t be started error in the forum.

  199. avatar Medha Katehara says:

    I am not getting the drop down mentioned in STEP 9. Please help!!

  200. avatar Will says:

    Thanks for your reply Michael. H
    owever, I’ve managed to fix the problem right after (since i’m not the kind of person who gives it up so easily). It turns out that I have my laptop connected to internet via Ethernet cable and usually have my wireless card disabled. To create the access point, obviously I had to enable the wireless card and all went well, acess point created, wireless mini virtual created but that error was due to my wireless switch was turned off (stupid me). As soon as I turned Wi-fi on, I could start hostednetwork. However, another laptop I have and my smartphone, although they could connect to the network, they didn’t have Internet. They could ping each other but no access to Internet. Then I’ve made a change to my other laptop tcp/ip settings, Instead of receiving dns automatically, I’ve changed it to the same dns server addresses that my 1st laptop was showing in its ipconfig (provided by my ISP, google’s ones didnt’ work – or And 2nd laptop had Internet since then. Also, although I don’t quite understand why, my smartphone started to have Internet also (I didn’t make any changes, it has auto dhcp).
    So this reply is more for help people who might be stuck in having devices connected to the created access point but no access to Internet, if its a computer, just try to insert DNS server address provided by ISP, if its a smartphone, try to do the same think, for that you’ll need an app that can change manually your smartphone TCP/Ip settings (the easier way) or if its rooted, change it manually as superuser, either by terminal emulator installed on smartphone or abd installed in your pc.

  201. avatar Will says:

    Hi, about my previous reply, easiest way to set static changes to your android’s phone is simply press long the network, select “advanced option” and you’ll see DHCP option wich can be set dinamic or static. So, forget about app or abd for who have Android (other mobile OS I don’t know).

  202. Will, thanks for the info. Static IP settings often help. Check out this post for more tips of how to troubleshoot WiFi.

  203. avatar Shaikh Aadil says:

    Hello sir im secure connection as per your process. My android mobile is also connected. But it shows error ” Network connection is disabled. and poor network;
    Can u explain why this comes or is any mistake made by me.

  204. avatar Mark Dear says:

    I hope you’re still monitoring this … OK, so I’ve done all this, and it looks like it’s all working. The network and sharing centre (details view) confims that “Local Area Connection* 15” has internet access. “netsh wlan show hostednetwork” confirms that the devices I want to connect to it are. The devices themselves confirm that they are. BUT – the devices themselves behave as if they are NOT! Neither the iPhone or my relic of an HTC ‘droid will display web pages, download emails or connect to the outside world in anyway. The only thing I can think that might need to be changed is the channel number, but I can’t see a way to do that either from command line or device manager > properties (of the virtual adapter).

    Have you seen this before? Any thoughts?

    Cheers MD.

  205. avatar abhishek says:

    you are genius. it worked.thanks a lot

  206. avatar nsd2303 says:

    you are awesome sir….
    it worked…. thanks a lot…

  207. avatar Jacob says:

    I’ve done everything like you explained and i was allready at the point, where i was able to connect to the wifi but the internet didn’t work. I tried to do everything a second time, and now, it gives me the error 1061 when i try to share it in the properties. I’ve allready waited like you said and the Wlan auto konfig service is running too. Do you have any tips for me to fix this problem? I’ve also tested restarting and reconnecting.

  208. avatar rajeev singh thakur says:

    hello michael
    I am Unable to Convert my Windows 8 laptop into Wifi Hotspot using Data Wireless Modem-156 by using command prompt settings..
    here i got stucked in step 3 i.e- Type netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=Hotspot key=12345678.. by giving ssid and key my own choice but after entering it shows message
    “You must run these command from a command prompt with administrator privilege”
    and in my system my user account is..
    local account
    password protected”
    please help.. thans in advance

  209. Rajeev, I think Windows UAC gets in your way. Right click the command prompt icon and then click “Run as administrator.”

  210. avatar JanHellabeem says:

    Michael you are my friend forever. This procedure works on Windows7 as well, only thing is the Wifi key must conform certain minimum security rules so 12345678 will not work and must be replaced with a “real” key string. I had this done in seconds. Thank you again.

  211. avatar Paul says:

    I don’t have the sharing option in properties. Tell me what to do.

  212. avatar rajeev singh thakur says:

    thanks for great help michael,but now i m stucked in step 4

    C:\windows\system32>netsh wlan start hostednetwork

    it shows…

    “the hosted network couldn’t be started.

    A device attached to the system is not functioning”

    plz help

  213. avatar Will says:

    I had same error and realized that my wi-fi switch was off. I’ve turned it on and voilà. Do you have your Wi-fi switch on? Sometimes we dont’ see the most simple solutions.

  214. avatar siddiq says:

    netsh wlan show drivers >> my computer is showing>> There is no wireless interface on the system

  215. siddiq, have a look at the comment above yours. Your Wi-Fi is switch is probably off.

  216. avatar Blacklucho says:

    Thanks for posting this dude! you helped me a lot!

  217. avatar kevin says:

    This works well except for a problem. The sharing will stop once the computer restarts. Is there a way to install this as a service that automatically starts?

  218. avatar Ukinawa Rui says:

    Hello! i try and working…

    I’m trying to do a network proxy, how can i doing?

  219. avatar deep says:

    I performed all 9 steps and hotspot was created but when tried to connect through my nexus 4 mobile it is not connecting just showing “saved,secured with WPA2” . please help

  220. avatar mayuri says:

    hey, please guide me as i am unable to see local area connection*15 under the network connections do reply as soon as possible!!!!

  221. avatar Deep says:

    I hope you have considered my below question.
    I have another query that is when finishing all steps, my another laptop get connected to hosted network for few minutes after that cannot find the hosted network in WiFi connections.
    Please share your valuable inputs.
    Many Thanks

  222. avatar izam says:

    hello, i have created the hotspot but my tecno p5 will show “saved and secure with WPA2” after displaying “obtaining ip address” for a long time. Pls help.

  223. avatar Alex says:

    Hello i get it to the last stage, but i was trying to share it with my iphone, i get the Hotspot on my iphone wfii i insert the password and it connected but didnt browse.

    My question is will i have to do the same thing to the Wi-Fi connection in Network Sharing Center like i did to the Local Area Connection?

    OR once i make the configuration to the Local Area Connection it will connect with my iphone?

  224. Alex, you only have to follow the instructions above. No other configurations in the Network and Sharing Center are required, However, other applications on your PC might interfere.

  225. avatar Aldwin says:

    Thanks man. It worked for me. saved me from buying a router :)

  226. avatar divyang says:

    i just did all the things which are mention above but i couldn’t get the local area connection in adapter setting dialog box….??

  227. avatar Josh says:

    Hi, I followed all steps, but when I get to the part when you need to share your internet connection I dont have the sharing tab in properties, can you help?

  228. avatar Nigel says:

    Hi, I had an error message and i followed your steps to check if BFE was running, and it was but i was still receiving the error message. Tried restart BFE but I still received an error message that the BFE couldn’t restart or stop.

  229. avatar Mitesh says:

    Hey! I’ve tried this step so many times in my dell inspiron (Windows 8)

    I am using an ethernet connection and in properties, under home sharing network it never shows any option, just states “wi-fi”. There is a connection found on my iphone but it does not connect and in my laptop it shows no internet access.

    My ethernet connection is a monthly paid plan called “everywhere internet”

    Thanks in advance :)

  230. avatar Frans says:


    I’ve been struggling with exact the same problem as Mitesh describes above here.
    For so far I’ve not found a solution anywhere on the web.

    I wonder if you could help me (us) out?

  231. avatar Emil says:

    I have the exact same problem as the guys above. Help would be appreciated.

  232. avatar pavan nargund says:

    when i tried to start my hostednetwork
    it tells that
    “the group or resource is not in the correct state to perform this operation”
    what should i do

  233. avatar Scott says:

    Wow- crystal clear guide, and I’m amazed at the level of support you have provided to folks with questions over such a long period of time! Success story: stuck in a hotel for a month, and wifi for iphone and iPad continued to force us through a painful login process if the connection was inactive for more than about five minutes. Laptop connection to the same network however stays live. Used this solution to route mobile devices through the laptops persistent connection. Worked like a charm on the first attempt, and perhaps has kept me from destroying my phone in frustration. 😉 Many thanks!!!

  234. avatar Sumit says:

    @Rayn- Disable your LAN/Ethernet connection first and then try set up sharing. It is working for me after getting same error.

  235. avatar faisal says:

    when i enter this command netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=Hotspot key=12345678 my pc getting blue screen..plz some help waiting for ur ans

  236. avatar Yogesh Kumar says:

    @Michael Pietroforte
    in step 9:- under “Home networking connection'” there is no drop down window on my laptop running on Win 8.1
    its only show ” WiFi”

  237. Yogesh, please check if the steps 1-8 worked without error message.

  238. avatar Noblica says:

    Hi Michael!
    I have a problem in step 9 : “An error occurred while Internet Connection Sharing was being enabled.

    Internet Connection Sharing cannot be enabled. A LAN connection is already configured with the IP address that is required for automatic IP addressing.”
    Please help me…

  239. Noblica, it is difficult to describe a solution to your problem because it depends on your environment. You can try to set an IP address for the LAN adapter. I described the procedure here.

  240. avatar Maarten says:

    Hi Michael,

    I have done all the steps, and it seems to work.. I just can’t connect to the internet. My phone connects to the hotspot all right. However, no internet. The “local area connection* 13” status in Network Connections also shows: Ipv4 Connectivity: no internet access.

    Any suggestion on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated.

  241. avatar Asad says:

    The network has been set up. But my android phone keeps on saying “Avoided poor Internet connection”. How do I solve this issue?

  242. avatar Pavan Wadhonkar says:

    Same Problem as Maarten… Plz help ASAP

  243. avatar Hassan says:

    After i lunch a command prompt with admin privileges this was the reply i received.
    The wireless autoconfig service (wlanssvc) is not running

  244. avatar Nikko says:

    I’m in a project where I have to create a hotspot at a low cost of investment in hardware and an internet use relatively low by users ( online surveys ).
    For these steps below, how many concurrent users can be used? can exhaust the range of ip’s provided by DHCP ( to

    grateful for the help

  245. Nikko, I think the client versions of Windows have a limit of 20 concurrent connection with regard to file sharing. I am unsure if this also affects ICS. You better try it first. Besides, WiFi routers are cheap. If it is for a project, I probably wouldn’t use Windows as a WiFi hotspot. If you skim through the comments above, you’ll notice that can you run into many problems.

  246. avatar Ankit says:

    i have a LAN based powering administration, i set up by cmd all the necessary steps..all fact i got the wifi hotspot from my lan but i cant access its internet in any mobile..that is it gets connected but of no use.

    installed virtual router plus..same problem..
    any HELP please

  247. avatar Ankit says:

    Win 7 ultimate i am using

  248. avatar csiszer says:

    Hi all. I used this ics for a while without seriously problems on Win 8.1. Now I have a new internet provider, with pppoe connection. I got no router yet, just a cable. So im using my laptop to share this connection with 2 roommates over WIFI. Hostednetwork starts, sharing internet fine,if someone connects to hostednetwork that work for 10 min, after my pppoe network crashes. Cant reconnect to it. Troubleshooting error: Windows can’t communicate primary dns server.. Then if I want to restart my laptop, its looping with the Restarting screen. After I forcerestart it, connection going fine again until I restart the hostednetwork again… tried with latest wifi and ethernet drivers, antivirus uninstalled, using Google dns..but no idea, what’s happening. Help me pls! I’m trying to resolve this for a week.

  249. avatar Peter says:

    Thanks Michael, I would like to share the internet via WIFI in my office. However, there is no Internet Access even I am connected to this hotspot. I have checked everything are fine in my computer, If this could be my company blocked ICS in server side?

  250. Peter, is unlikely that your company blocked ICS. You probably didn’t configure ICS correctly or another software on your computer interferes.

  251. avatar shairo says:

    hi i have done everything as stated everything is working perfectly fine but when i go on sharing my internet access on the properties i have ticked allow other networks to use my network and underneath it says wifi 2 and there is no drop down arrow for me to change it to the network that i have made… please help. it works on my other laptop but not ont the one i need it too work on.

  252. avatar sagar says:

    what to do when i get the massage from administrator command prompt “The hostednetwork couldn’t be started

  253. avatar Chakku says:

    Hi Sir.. When i tried first time , it worked like charm but now its showing “Wifi is not responding try again later “. I did troubleshoot , It says “Invalid IP address “. Do we need to give IPv4 IP address and subnet mask for new network adapter we created ??? And when i give IP address as with subnet mask , my phone connect to my wifi but with no internet access..!!! Can u give me a solution sir.?? Thanks in advance :)

  254. avatar dort says:

    You are best.. No i can use my iPad

  255. avatar dort says:

    At first it worked well then i disabled it now it is telling me the group or source is not in correct state to perform the requested information

  256. avatar DAVID says:

    Thanks…. tried changing to Local Area network but it was showing just Wi-fi and there were no other networks available for me to select…not even an option was given for me to select.

  257. avatar japleen says:

    i dont find the drop down list shown in the step 9 its just set on wifi

  258. avatar japleen says:

    also the local area connection 15 show no internet acess

  259. If the Microsoft Hosted Virtual Network Adapter doesn’t show up in, then something went wrong in the steps 1-6. Check for error messages.

  260. avatar Jer456556412 says:

    Help !,” The hosted network couldn’t be started.
    The group or resource is not in the correct state to perform the request operation ”.
    . . .
    I tried this solution:
    go to device manager,network adapter
    find the “Microsoft Hosted Network Virtual Adapter”
    Then Enabled it

    . . .
    But mine is already “Enabled”
    I have tried to Disabled it and Enable it Again and Still not working.

    I double Click the “Microsoft Hosted Network Virtual Adapter”
    and then I saw this : Device Status :This device cannot start. (Code 10)

    {Operation Failed}
    The requested operation was unsuccessful.

    Does this Error :{Operation Failed}
    The requested operation was unsuccessful
    is Involved with The Error : ” The hosted network couldn’t be started.
    The group or resource is not in the correct state to perform the request operation ”. ?
    I really need help please . . . Sorry for my Bad English

  261. You can find some this tips about the “The hosted network couldn’t be started” problem here.

  262. avatar japleen says:

    the hosted virtual network shows up as local area connection 15 in the network adapter but it doest have internet connectivity its shows no internet access under connectivity also i am using ethernet for internet connection so when i go to sharing a list doesnt show up (as shown in step 9 ) under home networking connections

  263. japleen, check if you any third-party networking tools such as firewalls block the internet access.

  264. avatar Vinay says:

    I have done this connection on my windows 7 it work fine and i can access internet on my android phone with it but it doesnt work with my windows 8.1 pro version i have done all the commands and sharing properly i can see the hosted network in my phone i can even connect it but cant browse or use the internet connection kindly help

  265. avatar OLATERU says:

    whenever i proceed to type the cmd prompt “netsh wlan start hostednetwork”
    i get the response below

    “the hosted network couldn’t be started
    The wireless local area network interface is powered down and doesn’t support the requested operation”

    pls how do i rectify this problem

  266. OLATERU, perhaps the error message is correct and your WiFi adapter is powered off. Some laptops have a switch for turning it on and off.

  267. avatar adil says:

    you the real mvp…..thanx man…keep up the good work…

  268. avatar zelalem says:

    it working correctly but after a few minut it stops and can’t connect again until i restart my pc. pls give a solution.

  269. avatar jac says:

    I have to say the tutorial is great and easy to follow through, but I have a problem here. I am a student staying in dormitory which only have wired ethernet as the only option to connect to the internet. I was looking for a solution to create a hotspot from my laptop and finally found a really good guide but it still didn’t work.

    What I have done in my room is: I have the ethernet cable plug to a wireless router, connect my laptop to the wireless router, log in to Junos Pulse with username and password, then get internet access.

    I used to do the same to my phone (have Junos Pulse app on it) but after an upgrade from university, it is unable to work in the same manner.

    So I think that may be due to the fact that I need to use an app called “Junos Pulse” or “Pulse Secure” after plugging in my ethernet cable/connecting through a router to access internet. Does this extra step bars me from making my laptop as a hotspot?

    Are there any viable solutions/suggestions to this?

  270. avatar alvaro says:

    Hi everyone,
    I follow your steps but once I try to share my ethernet connection in Home Networking Connection I just can’t choose any option, all it says is WIFI and have no menu to choose (Local Area Network Connection option does not appear). What can I do?

  271. avatar Achala Kodippili says:

    No internet on android mentioned by Acim Malik,Rajat,Vinod ,Ashwin.I found the problem.
    On an Android device you, have to open the Wifi settings, then click the hotspot you created.
    now you can see “modify network”click it.then scoll down the menu you get.
    there is “IP Settings”change in to “Static”
    then go to “gateway”You must type the IP of the hotspot you created in here.
    To get the IP of the hotspot you created go to windows Command prompt and type ipconfig then enter
    then you can see there under the Wireless LAN adapter(Name of your created network.for me it is Wireless LAN adapter Local Area Network Connection)
    auto configuration IPv4 address:___________________
    Give that Address in your android as gateway.
    Now it will work

  272. avatar Nikko says:

    It also worked for Windows 10 Build 9926! Many thanks!

  273. avatar Diederik says:

    “the group or resource is not in the correct state to perform the requested operation”

  274. avatar abbas says:

    plz HELP me, man!!please
    I’m in trouble with my PC.i built wifi routher in win 8.1 and connect with my s3mini to it.even i ping it’s IP and that is paired.totally connected but with no net ))):
    i use connectify hotspot ,too buts its useless.

    PLZ guide me..

  275. avatar robert says:

    thanks :) :) :)

  276. avatar dev says:

    in last step, there is no dropdown list was there when same actions performed. only a textbox is there with a non changeable option “Ethernet”. i am putting right passwords. Everything’s right. no error came shown in any step. Maybe DHCP is not providing ip address.IT’s WINDOWS 8. It sucks!
    Its been very loooooooong , i have tried so many things. not able to fix this.

  277. avatar Hish says:

    Thank you!
    Do u know how I can do the last step, i mean the adapter sharing to the created wifi network using command line? can u please tell me how to do that with command line commands.. thanks in advance..

  278. avatar vicky says:

    hi, i am using evo3g and i created hotspot network through cmd successfully but unfortunately when i use this wifi on another pc or mobile it says network is limited.i have check my all drivers but the problem is not solving.i also tried to create wifi with cmd on others pcs but same problem exist that network is limited.please some one help me.

  279. avatar jim says:

    am using windows 10 build 10074..i did everything correctly but my android has no internet even after manually putting the ip address

  280. avatar Amol says:

    I could not used the laptop as hotspot as I could not get the drop down menu in Home networking connection. It is showing “Wi-fi” and I could not edit it. I am using windows 8.1
    Please help

  281. avatar arvin says:

    hot spot started in windows 8.1 and detected in android phone s3. but showing “authentication error occurred”. can anyone give a solution.

  282. avatar Anonymous says:

    even after establishing hotspot on windows 7 laptop….while connecting from my android wifi it is getting struck at OBTAINING IP ADDRESS..n then its not moving further.What should i do?

  283. avatar Anonymous says:

    How to set up portforwarding on a shared internet connection?

  284. avatar Akash Dwivedi says:

    When i click the option to share my created hotspot.. I check it but i do not find any local area connection in the drop down menu.. i only find wifi and ethernet!

  285. avatar Thomas says:

    I have done all the steps properly and even succesfully connected to the wifi hotspot But I am unable to establish working internet connection.. the internet wont connect even though it’s connected.!

  286. avatar me says:

    please when i connect on my tablet it asked for password how do i get it

  287. avatar tanmay says:

    i don’t see any drop down menu to the Home networking connection option. by default its assigned as WiFi…. i need to convert it to Local Area Connection..please help

  288. avatar Ezzy says:

    “the group or resource is not in the correct state to perform the requested operation”

    It seems that if you disable or delete the hosted network from the GUI it hangs (does this on Windows 10 as well). The resources will hang persistently (will stay hung on reboot) because a virtual adapter has been created.

    When that happens you need to go to DEVICE MANAGER and remove the hosted network from the network adapter section. Be careful to remove the correct adapter!

    If you want to stop the hosted network you should instead open an admin command line or powershell session and type:

    netsh wlan stop hosted

    This will stop the hosted network and remove the virtual adapter

  289. avatar charlie says:

    Have used this previously for Ethernet but came across your guide while troubleshooting why my android device wouldn’t access internet.
    Windows Firewall – culprit. Turned off and all was smooth sailing.

  290. avatar mannu says:

    i follow your steps but in my laptop it generate message ics stop working please help me

  291. avatar mannu says:

    I am just follow the above steps you provided but in my computer it generate that the Internet Connection Sharing ( ICS ) has stop working so please help me

  292. avatar shruti says:

    i have followed this process but after restarting my lapy the all setting of (netsh ….) disapear . i have to set it all the time after i on my lapy . plz help

  293. avatar Zachary says:

    after entering the command netsh wlan start hosted network I got: the hosted network couldn’t be started. A device attached to the system is not functioning. Please help?

  294. avatar Kamal says:

    Hi Michael, I have done everything as you mentioned in your guide and my other devices are still not been able to browse internet even though they all are getting connected through the wi fi network. Note : – Everything is working perfectly fine, If i am creating wifi network from my Windows 7 laptop and then connecting my Windows 8 laptop and Android mobile to it. I can browse internet with no problems. However, this is not working from Windows 8 machine.

    Windows 8 Laptop – trying to create Wi fi from it.
    Windows 7 Laptop – This will connect to Wi fi Network
    Samsung Android Phone – This will also be a test machine to browse internet.
    I am using Tata Photon Max (USB Dongle) to browse the internet on Windows 8 laptop.
    I have disabled Windows Firewall on Windows 8 machine too.
    I don’t have any Antivirus on Windows 8 laptop.
    I have also checked and confirmed that Local Area Network 13 which shows Microsoft Virtual Adapter is selected. Moreover, I don’t have any other option other then Ethernet and Wifi.

    Please help and suggest something.

  295. avatar Alan says:


    I tried that and it does not work when trying to share the Internet connection saying that a dependency group failed to start, I have searched hi and lo for this but still unable to find a solution for Windows 8. Anyone any ideas ??? p.s I also tried to start the BFE Services but the error comes back with access denied error 5, even though I am an admin.

  296. avatar chandra says:

    Its great. I have tested your method , I got connected, but amazingly I got IP address
    whereas the wifi adaptor subnet is, I am unable to browse internet, when I do a tracert for my sharing PC it goes to internet rather the wifi subnet and timed out, any suggestion would be appreciated. Candra

  297. avatar chandra says:

    Thanks as I saw from you earlier comment I gone to a outside hot spot connected and now successfully connected an browsing fine , Thanks . I need to enable dos commends each time I need to connect is seems

  298. avatar niraj says:

    i am using windows 8.1 and i use my internet through dongle using reliance sim card, technically i am not much sounded but i try my best into it kindly excuse me for this long introduction all i want to ask you i have tried probably all the techniques to make hotspot in laptop using command prompt software like connectify and virtual router etc etc..
    but i am end up using all this thing so i thought to ask a help in this blog.
    please reply me after experiencing the same what i have been experiencing so far if you make it then please let me how to do it.
    i would really appreciate if you can also reply me in my inbox

  299. avatar shukur says:

    Hi. I did all steps you showed. In 9-th step i have 2 choises : 1 is ethernet (which is my local set of internet) and 2 is wireless . When i choose ethernet my normal internet on my computer stops working, and when i choose wireless my network works in my computer but in second case my cellphone’s wifi find the hotspot but can not connect. How can i solve this problem?? THanks in advance :)

  300. avatar Ankur says:

    whenever I try to share the broadband by allowing other networks & selecting the one, it is showing “A LAN connection is already configured with the IP address, cannot share”
    What to do?

  301. avatar jonas says:

    please help me know how i can access the password coz iv failed to connect my phone to the hotspot,its asking me for a password

  302. avatar Derek says:

    I had the issue of trying to share my Windows 10 laptop’s internet connection with my tablet, however I was not able to get an IP, and when I did, I would get a blank page.
    After lots of research into the problem, I managed to share my connection by doing the following:
    Enable the following services –
    ‘Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)’
    ‘Routing and Remote access’

    I use Bitdefender for Antivirus, and I needed to disable ‘Block Internet Connection Sharing’ and also within the firewall settings, turn stealth mode off, Generic to Yes on the Wifi adapter.

    How this helps others as it took me ages to get it working.

  303. avatar allosh says:

    i want to thank u for taking the time and helping us
    i have a question
    i set the network as you said and it works fine but i am running a proxy program on my laptop to change my ip address so i can open some locked sites in my country
    i want the hosted network i created to use that proxy , so i can open locked sites on my android

  304. avatar Vansoh says:

    your stuff has really helped me.
    but i have a question; does the created hotspot need proxy settings? this is because the hotspot is connecting to other devices but they are not connecting to internet. what should i do?

  305. avatar si says:

    im sure im doing something silly but i have a wireless usb connecting to my router from my pc (router is on the other side of the house) – i also have another computer connected to my pc using the lan port – i want the other computer to connect to the internet using the wifi on my pc via the lan – I have set up ICS on the wifi card and set the home networking connection to the lan port – the other computer wont connect to the internet. Once I activated the ICS on the wifi – i was expecting the other computer to find an ip address from dhcp on my pc that the ics had set up? can anyone help please

Please share your thoughts in a comment!