It seems that this is going to become my hobby. Wouldn't it be boring if it were possible to install Vista by just running the setup? On Saturday I complained that Vista RC2 can't be installed on VMware Workstation because the Vista setup claimed that there is a CD/DVD driver missing. One of my readers mailed me the solution to this new problem. Thanks!

One has to add a second CD/DVD drive. When Vista setup is hallucinating about missing drivers, you have to load the ISO file in the second virtual CD/DVD and here you go.

This is obviously a bug. They fixed the bug with the graphics card driver and added a new one. If you ask me, I'd say that Microsoft's developers are working under very high pressure. If they really keep the release date, I wouldn't expect a Windows Vista that you want to deploy in a corporate environment.

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Update: Please, check out this article about Vista final and VMware Workstation.

  1. DominoG 16 years ago

    Doesn’t work for me either.

  2. ugur 16 years ago

    That is how I managed to solve the problem.

    I mounted the image with virtual daemon as drive G.
    I selected the Use Physical Drive (Auto detect)
    I just changed virtual device node to IDE 1:0 CD-ROM 1

    Then it worked fine.

  3. Andrew 16 years ago

    Thanks! It worked amazing. I’ve been searching the web for days to find the soloution

  4. jonas schneider 16 years ago

    great 😉

    1. leave your physical cd drive blank.
    2. create first cd drive in vmware -> mount your .iso
    3. start install
    4. when prompted for the drivers, mount the image to second drive also and
    5. off you go 😉

  5. MikeLO 16 years ago

    Hey Guys Can you Please tell me how to install Vista. I don’t only have that problem but 100 of other problems with it. Can u please write every step thanX how to install it please THANKX.

  6. MikeLO 16 years ago

    I mean in VMware Workstation THANKX

  7. Pkzip 16 years ago

    Doesn’t work out on ESX 3.0.0 or ESX 3.0.1.
    Would be nice if it did, but, well…can’t expect everything.

  8. Peter Johnson 16 years ago

    Hi.. thanks for all your help.. I think I found something else that makes it work on my system… In addition to pointing t a real CD device… I pressed f2 during VMware boot to ente BIOS, and also change CD-ROM to 1st boot device. worked perfect after this..

  9. Neme^ 14 years ago

    >I use VMware Workstation 5.5.2
    >Create VMX 1 Go Ram, SCSI HDD, 2 IDE CD/DVD, 2 >CPUs (I own a dual centrino)
    >Booted from physical DVD Drive

    Worked for me, thanks a bunch.

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